Mach 1 financial decision - trade in allowance

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Ozman, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. OK, I'm going crazy with this!

    A local dealer has a 2004 blue Mach 1 on the lot. I drove it today and loved it!
    Here's the thing. I have a 2002 Mazda Protege 5 that I want, have to trade in. I owe $11,900 on it, but the dealer only wants to give me $9200. A couple of other dealers were going to give me about the same when I checked on Cobras a couple of months ago. I couldn't get jacked up on the Cobra because it was kind of a financial stretch for me anyway. But I just loved the Mach 1. The blue looked even better than photos and I found the seats much more comfortable than in the Cobra.

    Ok, so I'm upside down on the Mazda, but the rebate will take care of that. I also get A-plan, which takes another $3000 of the sticker. So I would be financing about $26,200. Not a bad deal, considering sticker is almost $30k. But everytime I think that I could get it for somewhere in the $22,xxx range without the trade-in, I get sick to my stomach.

    I guess I could wait and sell the Mazda myself, but I'm afraid that the $3,000 rebate will disappear after the first week of January. I guess I'm asking others for advice on what they would do. Right now my emotions are saying buy it, but my mind is telling me not to bend over and take that hit on the Mazda.

    But damn, I love that Mach!
  2. I really don't think Ford will yank any rebates on 03 Machs.. If anything, they'll increase the rebate amount! The Mach hasn't been a hot seller for Ford.
  3. Wished I had known they were building 04's and would be rebates.
    Oh well, I have enjoyed every minute of my 6,000 miles thus far.
    Except for the 3650 tranny.