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  1. I've been kicking around the idea of trying to find a nice SVO, preferrably an 8.5 or 86. I wouldn't mind one that needed paint or if the interior were a little dirty. Obviously a garage kept, one-owner with 10,000 miles will be out of my price range. I wouldn't mind spending around $5,000 for one. Is this even a possibility and if so where would I begin to look. I've been on SVO club owners forums, but wasn't impressed with the selection, not to mention you have to create an account and then log in to even see pictures of what's for sale. Any ideas to get me started on my search?
  2. man i saw a nice one a while back in houston craigslist, looked mint and i dont think he wanted more than 5k for it...maybe its still on there ill check
  3. 1986 Mustang SVO

    If I had $11k I'd be on the road to Dallas right now! The one you saw in houston was $3200 and needed some AC and radio work, which initself is no big deal, but makes me think it's not what I'm looking for. There's one in the Atlanta area (real close to me) for $10k. Man, who knew.:rolleyes:
  4. You might also check the classifieds on
  5. Well, in my search on Craigslist for an SVO, I found a local (like .5 miles from my work) '93 4-cylinder black hatchback with a sunroof. I decided to go look yesterday at it and am ultimately buying it this afternoon. I know this is far from what I started out looking for, but for the price and the condition, I decided I had to have it. I'll drive it to work this winter so I can save mileage and wear-n-tear on my '03 GT. It needs the typical TLC items; tires, brakes, maybe new carpet, the tach is stuck on 6,000 rpm, etc. It's black and the paint has some fading, especially on the bumpers. Probably more like clearcoat peel. It's funny, back in '93 I bought a black hatch right off the dealer lot, it had 3 tenths of a mile on it. I only kept it 6 months because I had originally gone there looking for a used 5.0 car and got talked into that one. This car needs some love, which ultimately is why I believe I'm getting her. With the limitless number of replacement parts for the fox body now available, I'm looking forward to making this thing look new again. I think I must be getting old, I'm actually excited about a used 4-cylinder. Makes me kind of glad though, to know I'm still a fairly easy to please guy.:flag:

    Long live the multi-Stang households.:nice:
  6. where do you live? check in rhode island and mass cragslist..theres a bunch
  7. Heh... check the date on the thread Mike? It's been 3 years :)
  8. oh s*** my bad lol..
  9. Well since you brought it up......... I'm "making" my SVO out of my 93. Check out my thread over in tech.
  10. Good luck, they are hard to find unmolested.
  11. I found out. As much work as it took me to replicate one, I should've just sold something and bought one of those 20k mile SVO's that are out there.:)