Finding a Good Body Shop is Impossible!

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  1. how did you pay for it? credit card? if so you could always dispute the charges with your credit card co.
  2. Cash. :(

    When I went out earlier to look at it I noticed a bubble on my hood. I guess they did not prep the hood correctly. Now I have to call them tomorrow and try and get my money back because I am not letting them touch my car again.

    This has been a real joke/nightmare. Next car=no visual mods!
  3. sorry

    i feel so bad for you i just had my whole car painted and i got lucky and my paint job came out great. I had the saleen kit put on and it cost me 2500 for the whole car and it came out great but on the other hand you should demand satisfaction or your money back. If that does work smash he windows or something heh. Hit him where it hurts
  4. Do you think I should try and fight for my money back or is it just a waste of time? I am not letting them do anymore work on the car so that's out of the question. I planned on calling them this morning to go nuts on them but the more I think about it the more I realize there is no way in hell I'm getting my money back. So do I play the game and get even more aggravated or do I just chalk this up as a loss and move on?
  5. Just got back. Boy it really hurts to be out $700.00. Not to mention the cost to have it done right.

    So I show him all the problems. He sees them and says he can try to buff it out but it might not take care of it. He said that a fiberglass hood will do that and it happened to his. He tells me how hard it is to buff out a Stang. I show him where he buffed down to the primer on an edge and he said he can try and cover that up. :bs:

    So I guess I need to take the advice I got from someone and cut my losses. :(

    Oh well . . .
  6. One more rant from me.

    I took a ride to my first choice, but expensive choice, to see the owner and have him give me a price on doing the re-do on my car. He wasn't there so one of the techs looked at it and could easily point out all the problems from the first paint job. He said the hood would have to be stripped before they would do any work. Fine by me since I want it done right. He told me to call today, which I did, to get the extra cost of the stripping.

    So I just called for the price and:

    Do you believe this? The owner of the shop I went to yesterday does not want to get involved with my car. He said he rather not deal with it. This is a nightmare. Now the best shop I know will not even take my business.

    So now I have a $400.00 hood that looks like crap and a $700.00 hole in my pocket and I can't find a place to do my car that I can trust.

    :bang: :mad: :(
  7. I know a great shop in the South Shore. I can give you info if you want. It's in Weymouth, if it's not too much of a trip.
  8. Yeah, I'll take it. Right now I am at a loss and I need a shop I can trust.


  9. The shop is Factory Collision & Restoration. The # is 781-331-0113. They have a website also. They do very good work, and love american muscle.
  10. I just called them and talked to Tom. Very nice guy and I am going there tomorrow. Thanks again for the number. They seem like they know what they're talking about.
  11. No problem...keep me posted on how they treat you.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks again. I took a ride there yesterday and met with the owner. He's a great guy and we talked for awhile. He's a real gear head and he showed some flame work they were doing on a Lightning and it looked amazing. So on the 10th I drop my car off for a couple of weeks and I should have my car back better than before.

    I'll keep you guys posted in case there are some other people here looking for a good quality shop that can be trusted.

    I wish I had the cash for flames. :)

    Oh yeah, I called the shop that did the crappy job and asked for my money back. I have to wait until Wed to call back when the owner is there. I was informed he won't be happy about this. What a joke.
  13. Good luck getting your money back. I know the car will look great when they're done with it.
  14. Just checking to see how they treated you when you dropped the car off...since i recommended them i want to make sure they treat you well
  15. Hi Zinc03GT,

    I'm dropping it off on Monday. So far, just meeting with them and seeing the awesome work they do I'm pretty happy. The owner is a really nice guy and he seems to understand how quality is important.

    Today I go by the other shop where I had the paint job done to show the owner and tell him that I want my money back. He called me so maybe I have a shot but I'm not counting on it. The more I look at the work the worse it is. I found another clear coat drip right below the GT emblem among other drips. It's amazing how poorly done the work is from this place. I will keep you updated.

    They told me it might take two weeks. I'm in no rush, I just want a good quality job.

    thanks again!

  16. By the way, are you a guitar player? just guessing from the member name
  17. Yeah, been playing for many years and just got a band going. You play?
  18. unfortunately not..alot of musicians in my family, but that gene missed me...i love music though, and i of course know who les paul is
  19. Tell the owner your going to file a report with the Better Business Bureau. They might give you some or all your money back. It worked for me...
  20. I will. I'm going over there in a couple of hours and I'll report back. If I get $500 back I'll be a little happier.