Finding a Good Body Shop is Impossible!

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  1. Well, I just got back from talking to the owner and no dice. I showed him all the problems, burning down to the primer, drips everywhere, crap in the clear coat, sanding scratches on the bumper, etc and he will not give me my money back. He told me to do what I have to do. He even admitted that one of the drips on the fender should have never gotten by the painter and that I have a case when it comes to the bumper. Then he started taking pictures with his PDA, like that is going to show anything. :rolleyes:

    He wanted to do some sanding and touch-up work to fix the problems but I told him how can I trust him for a third time. How do I bring my car to a place that looks like they want to kill when they see me?

    So . . .

    Fine, a lawyer's office will be sending him a letter on Monday. So let the games begin. And all I was looking for was a good paint job, silly me. :rolleyes:
  2. I know a good lawyer from weymouth, too :D
  3. LOL!

    If he appears as half as good as the body shop you recommended I'll be calling him.
  4. Uh oh, you should have gone to Maaco.

    Seriously though, were you able to fix all the bodywork on your Mustang correctly? I don't trust body shops either. They like to take shortcuts and you cannot do that when you are doing bodywork on a car.

    Which body shop in Revere screwed you? I would take my car to Maaco for bodywork before going to a small shop that doesn't specialize in quality workmanship.

    There's a body shop out in the Upton, Massachusetts area that specializes in body work on all Ford cars and he does excellent work. This guy is really meticulous and he has a very small shop. He is also very reasonable with price. I can hook you up with him if you are still having problems. Let me know.
  5. That was 2 years ago...I havnt seen him post in a LONG time. Not to say he hasnt...just havnt seen him :shrug:
  6. Yea, he hasnt been on line since March :eek: . Thats what 5 months?
  7. All the bad memories brought back. *shivers* :)

    So I ended up getting nothing back from that screw job in Revere. I think the place is called Mario's. It's at the circle right near RT60 or Squire Rd. New looking place and believe me, I scoped it out by talking to the guy who does the paint.

    Anyway, took to the place in Weymouth and found the guys there and the owner to be really nice. I wouldn't say I was a 100% happy but it's better that nothing. :shrug:

    I'd be interested in talking the Upton shop. In the spring I think I want to paint the bumper and do something a little different with the hood. Let me know how I can contact them. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the update... that's too bad about that shop taking your money and doing a craptastic job. I have some body work I need done but I don't want to take it anywhere bc I fear it will just look worse :( How did that place in Weymouth turn out? I'm actually from Reading, MA, so I think I know where this body shop in Revere that your talking about is located too... I have friends in Winthrop so I'm down that way some times.
  9. They did a pretty good job but there was still issues. Found a drip that they fixed right away. I can still see old bruises in the front bumper that appear that they weren't fully sanded away. I'm sure if I complained they would have done something about it. Don't get me wrong, the owners are awesome people and it's the first body shop I didn't feel like they were pissed off to see me. They really like cars there and you can tell. I just wish people did the type of work I want to see. I never complained about the money so I figure they should do a top notch job.
  10. The place I got my car done after the accident recently did an AMAZING paint job on my car. I'd highly recommend them but they are VERY expensive but worth the money. If insurance wasn't paying for it, idk if I'd go to them for $ reasons alone. heh
  11. yeah, I'd come to NJ but I really don't want to catch a disease
  12. AHAHAH well speak of the devil. Ill go out on a limb here and say you got an email that this thread was replied to?

    But sorry to hear of your missfortunes...hope all gets worked out for you les...
  13. I'd never go to Ohio, I like civilization. :rolleyes:

  14. Ok back on topic or I have to close it.
  15. Ok,

    Since were talking about crappy pain jobs.

    Here is a sample of the work Auto Nation did after my car got rear ended. The worst part is actually the exhaust job that Midus did they will be fixing it but we shall see.
  16. forgot the pics
  17. yeah I read your thread regarding the repairs. Thats too bad, hopefully you can get some money back or at least have them make it right. Hackjobs FTL! :notnice:

    :jester: troof. I'm out here temporarily, originally from MA.
  18. I was trying to upload the left hand side Exhaust so you can see what I am talking about.

    The bumper has several of the imperfection in the paint job and the hack job that Midus did is a real shambles :mad: :mad:

    I didn't choose Midus that was done buy Auto Nation.

    Oh!! did you know the Exhaust are supposed to look the same on both sides,,! not even close!!
  19. Wow hotdog, that is horrendous. It looks like they had someone learning to weld for the first time and your car was the guinnea pig... utterly terrible, I would be committing arsen right now

  20. The autobody shop that's in Upton is really located in Milford, Massachusetts. The bodyshop is on the Upton/Milford line. Anyways, the owner of the body shop "specializes" in ONLY Ford cars. He used to work for over 20+ years as a bodyman for Ford and he knows the Ford Mustang inside out when it comes to body work. He does very meticulous work.

    I have used him three times already for my own 2002 Mustang V6 and for my 2001 Mustang GT and he did EXCELLENT work all three times. I can vouch for the excellent quality work that he does. I actually used him this week again for some minor body work that had to be done to my 2002 Mustang V6. He just completed a repair on the inside rear left wheel well on my Mustang. He also undercoated both rear wheel wells after he did the repair. I just got my car back from him today and he did excellent work. There was no overspray and the work was very precise and very clean. My car looks like it just came out of the Ford assembly line and showroom. He's that good. He knows his stuff when it comes to doing body work on a Ford Mustangs. And he is affordable too. I recommend that you use him if you need anymore body work done to your Mustang anytime in the future.

    The name of the place is called "Ray's Autobody". They are located on 293 West Street (on Rt. 140) in Milford, Massachusetts. His telephone number is 508-634-6741. The owner and his son own and run the bodyshop. It's a small shop, but they do excellent work. When you call him, you want to speak to the owner. His name is Ray. The owner's son's name is Alan.
    When you call them, tell them that you were referred to him by me, George who owns the Red 2002 V6 Ford Mustang and the Red 2001 Mustang GT that he worked on. He knows me personally and he knows me very well. He will take care of you and do excellent body work on your Mustang if you mention my name to him or to his son. Give him a call and tell me how it goes. Good luck.