#$%@&*! finding flaws on a used car

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  1. Who gives a $hit about depreciation. When I purchase a car brand new, I purchase it because I want to keep the car for at least 5 to 10 years and drive it into the ground. So depreciation means $hit to me. By the time that I get finished driving a brand new car and putting a lot of miles on it, the car will not be worth a lot of money anyways. My car will be worth the same amount of money that another car that's similar in model year and make is worth with the same mileage on it. Depreciation means $hit when you want to keep a brand new vehicle for a very long time. Depreciation also occurs on used cars. The ONLY difference being that there is LESS depreciation on a used car, but nonetheless depreciation still exists on a used car. I would rather buy a brand new car and have the depreciation than buy a used one and find out that it's a POS because the previous owner before me abused and beat the $hit out of it.
  2. Big Deal! I told you already. Depreciation is NOT good if you want to keep the car for a very short period of time and trade it in for another car. If you plan on keeping a car for a very long time like I am depreciation shouldn't be a concern to you. Buying used brings nothing but problems and higher repair bills. The money that you save on depreciation you will end up spending on repair bills. I guess that some people are too stupid to understand this concept.
  3. That is how you do it with a new one. Keep it for five years to ten years. If you trade in, you'll end up upside down. Lots of people were disgusted when they traded in their pre-05 Mustang for new ones. The new one's killed the older models t/i and wholesale value. Most people still owed $20,000 on their '02/03/04GT's, and we would only give an average of $12,000 if they bought a new '05. That's 8,000 you just tacked on to your new Stang.
  4. If the idiots who owned these Mustangs who you are talking about held on to their cars for at least 5 to 6 years and paid off the loan, they wouldn't be upside down. Instead, they wouldn't owe anything on the loan. It would be paid off and they could get a good deal for their Mustangs either on trade-in or thru a private sale. This shows you how stupid people are when they trade-in their cars within the first 2 to 4 years of ownership for another vehicle when they still owe a lot of money on them. There are idiots born in this country every day.
  5. Most used cars you will fined will have some sort of wear,
    have flaws,dents,straches in the paint etc. Although it is
    rare to find a perfect used car you can find one if you
    wait it out.If you are so particular about finding a car in
    mint condition you should seriously do yourself a favor
    and buy a brand car so you will be truely happy with it.
    I could really careless about the percent of depreciation the
    car takes because I am the one that has to live with it not you
    also I am the one with the brand new car no you.I just bought
    a brand spanking new 07 Subaru STI I will be getting and I am
    very happy with my buy and Subaru's hold their value alot better
    than any Ford.As a matter of fact Subaru is in the top five name
    brand cars to hold their value the best over the years.
    When I bought my mustang I was very choosey and I looked
    for two months before I found my current mustang.
    Happy car shopping!
  6. I purchased mine from a family member, (sister's fiancee.) Obviously he cut me a deal considering the clutch was going and the A/C idler pulley jingled like Santa Claus' reindeer and the fact he is family. I am only 19 and have put almost 12k miles in the past year or so from trips and whatnot. I have done extensive repairs to this vehicle. I knew what I was getting into after reading about the intake lawsuit and having it break later that week.

    I have put in almost $2k worth of repairs. I still havent put into the car anywhere's close to the KBB value. I am on the other end of stick, the nice smelling one where I dont owe and money, and yet I realize that I will have this car until I can afford something better or be stuck in a difficult financial situation.

    I really love it and want to keep it but realize that it is only a possession, not as precious as a family member or friend, and if the day comes where I have to sell it, I will. The vehicle is paid off and I have money to spend on other crap....

    I knew what i was getting into and make every repair nesecary to maintain it as I want to keep it and eventually modify it myself.
  7. So by your math I made a mistake buying used... Lets see.

    I paid $14,800 for a car with a BB value of $18,800.
    I put about $100.00 into front brake pads and rotors turned.
    I detailed the car myself for about $100.00 in materials.

    So for 15,000 I have a car that originally sold for $26,000. It is 3 years old and will touch 40,000 miles this month. I can drive this car trouble free for another 60,000 miles and I will have paid $15,000 + misc repairs.

    This car would have cost me the same money + $11,000 or so if I bought it new and it would be in similar condition that it is now.

    Why would I buy it new?
  8. i only buy used cars. my 99GT ran me 5000.00 with the mods listed. one owner car well taken care of. im very pleased with her. however i have steped in sh*% on other brands of car. i know mustans and will ALWAYS drive one.
  9. Damn straight... MUSTANG was the first car I every owned, Ive had 5 now, I love them, and I know them...now If I can complete my kewbra clone before the end of my time..LOL
  10. You were one of the lucky ones who didn't have any problems when you purchased your Mustang used. But for most other Mustang owners, they end up purchasing Mustangs which have been abused and which need a lot of repairs.
    Consider yourself lucky.
  11. I know mustang's and was confident that we found a good one. We will have this car for a long time and it will become a project car!

    I agree about buying a car with 75XXX miles and not knowing them top to bottom. You must research the purchase and choose wisely! Used Cars FTW!!
  12. I have had plenty of used cars to know that if you don't want issues, buy new and inspect it closely, because there will still be "some" issues.
    I bought my 1999 GT brand new, I've had it 7.5 years and yes there are some small things I accidentally did. But, overall its damn near perfect for its age. You have to be overly protective however to acheive that.
  13. I really must agree with RED2001GT. At my dealer, the sales department will for the most part only cover the cost to fix things to get the car through state inspection. The kinds of things that our sales department tries to pass on to customers is rediculous, but its not necessarily my problem and I have no say in the matter.

    The very nice thing that I have not seen mentioned about buying a new car is that it is YOUR car, and it has only been your car. You know if the maint. has been performed, whether or not its been in an accident, what kinds of things you may have hit, or whether or not its been abused. That my friends is alot of peace of mind for those who take care of what is theirs. I should add that 2 weeks after I got my GT, the throwout bearing took a poo. I bought the car from my own dealer, but even they wouldnt cover cost cause it was a "wear item". In a new car, that would have been covered. It only costed me somewhere around $160 for parts (put a new OEM clutch in as well). Paying 6-7hrs labor for someone else to do this however, is not cheap at all.

    If I was in the market for a car, one of the very few things that would make me buy something used is that the model may have been discontinued. I love the terminator cobras, but its done. The fact I have to swallow if I buy one is knowing that its probably had the **** beat out of it.