Drivetrain Finding Tdc? / Identify Stock Cam

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  1. Wow where you get it? Mine has dots and detail instructions.I got it from summit

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  2. I think at the time I found it the cheapest at Roush-Yates. No dots on mine. I ended up buying a cheap $30 dollar timing set to make sure everything was lined up, then put on the hy-vo.
  3. Way overkill. But if you want why not? Its a cool chain. It runs silent.
  4. For the money that's crazy it had no marks, so did the engine rotate over when rotating the crank?and what it sound like when you started it up with catastrophic failure warning danger to manifold message popped up?

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  5. Haha... In hindsight - yeah. I felt the pistons hitting the valves. The cam must not have rotated very much because it wasn't hard to overcome. Lol, at the time I thought it was the compression..... Yeah.. I got some super compression now...:rlaugh:

    That's why unfortunately I now know so much about where everything is when it lines up right. After I got done freaking out that I would never get it back together correctly.
  6. Lol Damn man
    Yeah from mistakes we learn. When I had the gear on, it was hard to line it up true dot with the idler trying to go in too, and I felt the valves hitting, like you said, wasn't much to overcome. but with the roller chain, it was much easier and turned over much easier, til I put the spark plugs in and can hear all the air being compressed

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  7. I'm getting a new water pump
    FlowKooler 1660 - FlowKooler Mechanical Water Pump
    It is ccw, how do I make it run ccw, not sure the belt configuration for this

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  8. The stock rotation on a 5.0L is you will use a stock belt wrap.

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  9. Well Damn didn't know that lol thanks, can't wait

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