Fine...Laser Red Mustang Thread.

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  1. I know! I'm as surprised as you.

  2. Reminds me of my car when I got it :)
  3. got a new one after eibach prokit


    my camera is taken some sorry pictures, plus the car is really dirty.

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  4. Cool pics Swarz
  5. Revizzled!
  6. get the thread going again:


  7. lazer red WAY > then vibrant red

    anyone notice lazer red looks way better in person then in pics :D
  8. here are a few of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  9. i think thats the nicest Sn95 ive ever seen....i dont feel worthy to have a laser red car too....well 1/2 laser red, 1/2 rio red:( :(
  10. Hey svegt that car would be one of the nicest sn95s but why does it have 4.6 badges?
  11. That car is hot man, good work...

    The rims are probably expensive, but they're not my taste. The rest of the car looks incredible in my opinion, and the wingless look really tips it off :nice:
  12. I really like those CCWs...

    Nice looking car svegt!
  13. new to the SN95 game schoonover? Haven't seen you here before, nice car!

  14. hey thanks!!!!! mine was faded a few years back, and when got pick to be in MM&FF mag i decided it would be a good excuse to get painted. org color just painted the way ford should have painted E9 color!!!

    hey redstallion i see you caught that lol!!! well along time ago when the first 2valve cars starting coming out, i had nitrous on the car and nobody would want to race so decided to put the badges to try to get some races!!

    longer story than that, but that is the short version!!!!

    it worked for a while till i did heads/cam!!!
  15. i just keep going back and looking at the car.....its just unbelivably clean and awesome

  16. hey thanks!!! alot!!! i have had the car for awhile now!!! bought used in dec of 96' 15'000 miles on the odo!!!!

    so i have gone throught alot of changes wheels,ext this is like my 6th set of wheels on this car!!!
  17. nice whip svegt
  18. Car looks sweet svegt don't care for the rims but whatever you like bro other then that its sick