fine tuning--injector timing tables

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  1. interesting... yea, the stock values for the Inj Timing table is 300 for all the cells... i hadn't considering doing what you mentioned--i'll give it a shot, thanks!
  2. 372 for all cells ... You Say :D

    I just looked at mine and all of em are 392 :shrug:

    Say Al ... Have you noticed over the past year or so many peeps use
    different values a good bit of the time :shrug:

    Its been so long since I did all that :crazy:
    I forget how I arrived at that value
    It was W A Y before EA had hit the scene ;)

    Seems like it was one of those Excel spreadsheet thingies that could
    be downloaded from the old Yahoo Tweecer Groups site.
    I do remember a few things about the change :D

    The idle was noticeably more stable :nice:
    A good amount of radicalness was removed from the cam lope
    which was much welcomed :)

    Each pulse was more pronounced at idle and believe it or not :eek:

    You could stick your hand next to the pipe and feel the difference
    between the stock 300 value and new value :eek:

    Seems like I varied the values up and down a bit :scratch:
    with no noticeable changes :)

  3. alright, got my tps issue taken care of so now i can get back to this.

    i never thought about setting all the values in the table to the same #. i tried getting EA to calculate teh same number for all the cells, but no combination i tried in the graphic below achieved it.


    anyone care to take a stab at it using one of my datalogs from one of my previous posts?

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  4. Paul

    I did not mean to imply all values being the same is the correct way

    Just wanted to make that clear :)

    btw ... what was the prob with the high tps values :shrug:

  5. I do remember a low rpm/idle area being diff. to offset the time delay from the lifters not fully being pumped up at low rpm/idle.
  6. yeah, i was reading about the lifter thing in the EA help file. interesting stuff--i, in my noobness, would've never considered that.

    Grady: oh yeah, i know. i thought it was interesting that Methodical mentioned it--it is true... stock j4j1 values are all 300.. wonder if something like that (having the same value all across the table) will work in my case..

    the TPS was shot.. a new one fixed the problem.
  7. so i'm still working on this and have a couple new tunes to try (same scalar modifications, just different Injector Timing table values), but was reviewing the thread and starting thinking about the *single value* (300 in the stock j4j1 injector timing table) thing...

    since my cam is split duration (or whatever.. ), i don't know how that would work out, but i figure it's worth a shot.

    anyone of you guys running a single number all across the board? if so, how did you calculate that number?

  8. I have all the same numbers in the cells but I will have to check to see which settings got it for me. It's been over 2 years now since I've been TwEECing - time flies.

    You can play with all the settings to see which one produces the same numbers using the same datalog because I think only one will give those results, while the others will generate various numbers. No need to redo a datalog. Just experiment with the different setting. Make sure you input all the correct values of your cam. By the way, I have a split duration cam also.

  9. Sorry for the late reply. I didn't realize I had not subscribed to the this thread. But to answer your question - Yes. And it did make the idle seem smoother. Maybe it was just a figment of my imagnination:shrug: . But the exhaust seem to pop better or something.
  10. thanks for the reply, man.

    one of those new tunes worked out well with some help from Wes--he suggested i play with the lower 4 rows of the injector timing table and/or add/remove timing at the lower rows. the timing idea didn't help, but tinkering w/ the lower levels of the injector timing table did--idle is super smooth now at 900rpm.

    i still want to try out the single value across the board, though. when i get home, i'm gonna mess w/ EA to see if i can manage to get the same #'s across the table.. though, i have messed w/ it before and haven't managed to.

    is there a way of calculating a # manually?
  11. alright--tried getting the same # across the board using all the combinations of different settings (in Cam Specs tab in EA) with no luck.. am i missing something, or is this going to be totally impossible?

    fwiw, i'm running the Comp FW NX282HR-14 cam.
  12. I dont know if 1 number for ALL cells will be fine tuned for the combo.

    At idle with less lifter pump up (valve lazy) the inj. will need to to fire at a diff. time to make up for this.

    Off idle and cruise things would be more "like" for most of this area one would think.

    WOT - there is SOO much theory and talk about specific time to fire, search on the eec forums and you will see some REALLY smart guys going nuts on the topic.

    Add to that the cam change. Stock Ford cams are "straight" patt. cams or have the same numbers int. and exh. Alot of the aftmarket cams are "split" pattern cams and fit a specific rpm range with diff. idle and power making profiles. I think with any "fine" tuning it would lead to at least 3 sets of number. It sounds like your getting the idle numbers set and those will prob. be fairly close to off idle/cruise number with a slight change in the higher rpm's (relative).

    From what I have seen the most impacted area from working with this is the idle part of the tune in how stable it is. I would not really focus TOO much on WOT and maybe just play with compinsating for the lifter pump up off idle.
  13. that makes sense.. the split duration and all (not too savvy on cams)..

    guess you're right, man.. the main thing i wanted to take care of was the idle, and thanks to the finishing touches in help from Wes, it's pretty damned good (best it's been since i started messing w/ this stuff). i was mainly just curious about the "single # across the board" thing..

    you're right--i should probably just enjoy the stability now and have some fun, finally.