Finished 88 TC finally

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  1. I finally got to drive my 88 TC yesterday.
    After a mess with an a4ld, a 5spd swap, putting a window in and having problems with the slave cyl that I bought 10 minutes earlier.
    I had a vacuum leak and after getting that squared away I got to make a 9psi run which seemed pretty good. Then a 15psi, which felt great. Definately a good combo with 3.73's and a heavy car.
    and wed I got my first stangnet visitor(stilling waiting on stinger) 89lx2.3 came down while I was struggling with the slave cyl.
  2. I don't like when people talk about me behind my back :notnice:
  3. no no its not like that
    lol its fine Its still at her house but I'm moving it to the shop next week to try and get any bugs out. It'll be here when you get the chance. :D
    Any idea of when that will be?
    I'm afraid I'll start putting money into ii if its at the shop:p
  4. That's fine with me :D I told ya you could take it for a run or two down the long as you fix what ya break :flag:

    I don't know when I'm gonna head that way. I have a feeling the snow will keep me from heading that way over Christmas break.

  5. lol exactly and just because you said that I'm scared to even drive it now. :p

    The Next foot of snow we get I'll take it 75mph through the fields and see if it gets stuck. :nice:

    By the way has anybody every been sleigh riding at 60mph? We did it a few years ago with the derby cars. :rlaugh: its a wild ride when you fall off or try to stop. :D
  6. You know you can't break anything too serious with these power shifting that wimpy T9 on the other hand :rolleyes:
  7. It takes a little finesse I ran the first one hard a few times, but this one has enough stuff done to it that could go either way.

    However I made a 7.80 run in the 1/8th w/ the 351 and a 4cyl trans. That was scary and it doesn't even whine.
  8. What are you worried about? That n/a motor can't hurt a 4cyl trans :lol:
  9. it was the strongest 90 hp I've ever felt. :D

    so if you don't care if I take the merk down the track does that mean I can drop a windsor in it and run it?
  10. Will it have forged pistons? ;) As long as it will make it to Kansas I don't care...just make sure you put some cardboard down on the hatch carpet so the turbo motor doesn't drop any oil on it while riding home in the hatch :D