Finishing Up T5 Swap....couple Questions For The Odds And Ends. Help Appreciated :)

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  1. Alright so I've been messing with this on the weekends and after work evening for just about a month. Doing it all on my back so it's extra

    Anyway, today I pulled the AOD out. I should mention I have a 5spd donor car, so anything I might need is available. The AOD is out and the T5 is ready to go in. The manual pedal assembly and clutch cable is going in next then the T5 itself. My main question is the wiring at this point. I understand the transmission harnesses can be accessed from the driver's side kick panel. I'm terrible with wiring, can someone give me a step by step on how to wire this thing up? From what I understand, it should all be plug and play.

    ...any other tips for finishing the swap up would be very much appreciated as well :)
  2. unplug the aod harness for the nss. Plug the t5 harness in with the reverse light harness on it. Behind the kick panel there are two plugs one with a jumper in it. They go into the clutch pedal assy. So y0ucant start the car without depressing the clutch and depressing it will turn off the CC . thats it.
  3. Dont forget to swap out the pilot bushings. Good luck.
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  4. Got a new pilot bushing in there, thank you. Wiring was cake, literally, unplug and plug back in :)

    One question though....all I did was connect the reverse light plug (two prong) and the cable that goes in next to the speedo cable. If haven't done anything with the safety switch at the pedal. What do I need to do to make this thing start? I don't care about the safety part of it.
  5. the plug for the pedal is behind the kick panel if it's an original auto car it will start if you have the switch on the pedals just unplug the jumper and plug the switch it
  6. Kind of confused, sorry about that. Can you give me a little more detail?
  7. Give me a few I'll explain when I can type on my computer