FINNALY!! Pics Of My 408 87' GT

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  1. It's been awhile since I posted on Stangnet(Used to be on quite often), and I got bugged quite often to post pics of my car, and was never able too.....Well I finnaly purchased a digital camera and figured I'd share some pics. Quick history/over view of the car is: I purchased the car when I was 16 bonestock, and over the years (Am 22 now) and a few different combos later I have finnaly settled with this current set up which is still not completely finished but close. It's primarily a street car but am planning to take it to the track later this year to see what kind of times she'll put out. I also have weld Draglites and M/T Street Radials for it but unfortunatly dont have pics with them on as of yet. Also please excuse the engine bay, lol, it's a bit messy I'm currently working on cleaning up/hiding all the wiring etc. etc. See Sig For a bit more info.
    Comments would be great!! Thanx!!


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  2. IT's Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty! :nice:

    What is that color? It looks like a Titanium frost or something.
  3. THANX!! It's a Pearl Mettalic White....depends the way the sun hits it. One minute it looks basically white and then another minute it has a silverish tint to it almost
  4. Electric Pearl!

    That's the name that just popped into my head as a description of that color. Feel free to use it. hehehe
  5. sweet looking ride...those are the rims I plan on putting on mine :nice:
  6. Looks great, very cleanly done :nice:
  7. thats really nice...and i bet that thing SCREWS
  8. Nice car! I was thrown a bit by the color too. Nice color though! Very clean!
  9. LOL.....Thanx!! And MOVES. Lookin forward too going to the track later this year. Will definetly post times when I do.
  10. I love it! That is a great looking, clean GT! Even with the 3" hood, its uite the sleeper. I was kinda hoping to see an EFI setup, though.
  11. Hard work definitely shows!! Nice. What kind of power is it putting down?
  12. yea its a sleeper if its sitting there not running. once he starts it most people would know its not stock.

    clean car bro, i contemplated doing similar myself recently. (351 stroker swap).
  13. Thanks for the comments guys!.... Yeah it's a sleeper and thats how I wanted it....I like the clean/almost stock look. The whole stock appeal is lost though once the car is fired up....I'm running a 3" X-Pipe with Dynomax Bullets and its LOUD. In terms of horsepower it's around 580 at the flywheel. Im booked in later this year to get on a chassis dyno and fine tune the set up.
  14. very nice car.... just please tell me that I'm not seeing mud flaps in the first or second pics.
  15. LOL.... yeah there mudflaps, they came with it and I never took em off cause there not that big and they dont look bad or anything. Helps protect the paint a bit
  16. Completely sanitary! Nice Mustang and the swap looks great:nice: .
  17. That is HOT! :nice:
  18. get some video lol. hows that thing on the street?
  19. Thanx Guys!! It's actually quite decent on the street...I have yet to have a problem with it. On the highway she just purs along at 2400 RPM and actually dosnt do to bad on gas for a 570HP engine if your not foolin around. It's not a daily driver by no means but definetly a solid street cruiser.
  20. Great looking ride!