Fiore Micro Click Adjusters

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  1. Fiore Micro Click Firewall Adjusters

    Hey guys,
    We have the Fiore Performance Micro-Click Adjusters, Quadrants & kits available for immediate shipment.
    They're, by far, the nicest firewall adjusters on the market today. These units utilize a spring loaded bearing which fits in a groove machined into the threads of the adjuster, to allow the knob to be turned by hand but will not loosen on it's own. They also have a bearing pressed into the face of the adjusting knob to allow the knob to turn independently of the cable, eliminating cable bind.

    Check out their products on our site here:
    Fiore Micro-Click Firewall Adjuster - $49.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Aluminum Clutch Quadrant - $34.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Micro-Click Firewall Adjuster & Quadrant Combo - $79.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Micro-Click Adjuster, Billet Quadrant & Adjustable Cable Kit - $109.95 Shipped!

    You won't be disappointed with this product. The pictures don't do the piece justice.

    Atomic Performance

    Remember: No Handling Fees, No Hidden Charges, just Free & Fast ground shipping to the lower 48 states on ALL parts.

    - Jeff
  2. Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know that Fiore Performance is going out of business, so if you want the best firewall adjuster for your Mustang, now's the time to get it because once they're gone, they're gone!

    We still have some in stock and ready for immediate delivery!

    Check them out here:
    Fiore Performance Adjusters, Quadrants & Kits

    - Jeff
  3. Sheesh... what happened???
  4. Ah, It's a long story. Too bad -- it's a great piece!

    - Jeff
  5. We've got nothing but time! Do tell! :D