Fire and Ice

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  1. That is friggin sweet man.
  2. record setting thread lengths....
  3. kool, plan to sell the chassis reinforcements you guys use?
  4. Cooool, but i still don't like the vent behind the front tire. It clashes with the one for the back tire.
  5. Congratulations on having SN65 in mustangs and ford you deserve it.

    I like the concept of these cars and will be following it very closely. For what it is worth, I would carry the theme to the wheels with something like flames and snowflakes or something.
  6. Ditto
  7. Hi PJ,

    Yes, we are going to make it available. As a mater of fact, we have the package listed on our website.

    We will be testing the effectiveness of each modification and making appropriate changes to the package as we go along.
  8. Hi THX,

    Hummm.... Interesting....

    The comments we have been recieving at car shows is that the vent behind the front wheels is one of the best features of the car.

    We have altered the vent somewhat in an attempt to make it more functional. On the SN65, the vent was more cosmetic than functional. We are going to open it up into the wheel housing a bit more, right at the point where the splash shields meet the fender. We will then finish the opening off with a billet horizontal "blade" grill.
  9. Can I launch a pre-emptive strike and request a sticky already?
  10. Hi J,

    Thanks for the kind words. Both Hot Rod and Mustangs & Fords gave us a great write up. Hope it doesn't go to our heads. :rlaugh:

    As far as the wheels go, we want them to be "functional". We want the wheels on the track car to actually draw air from under the car, through the brakes. The turbine design is intention is to move as much air from under the car as possible while keeping the brakes cool at the same time.

    We are currently thinking of using wheels on the drag car similar to a Weld Wheel design.
  11. Well things are moving along. We have the coupe all dissasembled and ready for media blasting. We should have it back from Astro Blast (Franklin park, IL) by the end of next week.

    I hope to have the fastback at the media/sand blaster the week after.

    While that one is at the blaster, we will completely seal everything with self etching primer. Then we can start getting into the cars basic structure and see what we can do to bring the chassis up to todays standards.
  12. Also, we are giving serious consideration to installing a Ford straight six in the fastback.

    How does this sound....

    A Ford, 244 cubic inch, turbo-charged, intercooled, 24-valve double overhead cam six. It will produce 365 HP at 5250 rpm. AND, 410 foot pounds of tourque from 2000 rpm and remaining constant all the way through to 4250 rpm. The engine will produce 80% of its maximum torque at 1500 rpm and over 98% at 1750 rpm.

    A straignt six that generates results similar to that of the 32 valve Cobra terminator engine, at a fraction of its size and weight.

  13. i second that!
  14. Very, very cool car. Just read about it in the mag too. Kudos to you & the crew!

    My only question - How big were the bullets you sweated the first time you mated the two?
  15. Thanks for the kind words. And, to answer your question, the bullets were more like cannon balls. :)

    This next project is going to be even better. We are looking to duplicate the performance of the SN65 by modifying the early stang chassis. And, we are going to do it in a way that can be duplicated by the typical weekend warrior. Just gotta know how to weld (or know someone, who knows someone who knows how to weld). :)
  16. You could start a sticky thread on this alone! :lol: Wow! (edit: my comment not meant as I think the idea is funny... you are thinking out of the box)
  17. Yes, my search for the elusive Ford straight six with 4 valve, DOHC, aluminum crossflow heads has taken me all over the world.

    The internet is a wonderful thing. :)
  18. This thread is gonna be fun!!

    That engine sounds great for a road race car. I can't wait to see these things underway. Especially seeing how well the first one turned out.
    What engine do you have in mind for the coupe?
  19. We currently have a 5.0 with trickflow heads, intake, etc... Also a procharger with air to air intercooler.

    We estimate the HP at about 550.


    Wayne is talking to Roush about one of their engines for the build.

    OBTW, Wayne has the SN65 at the Woodward Dream Cruise. We will be in the "Team Mustang" display right next to the main soundstage, We are supposed to be sharing the space with Mustang Ronda.


    I wonder what their kids will look like. SN65 and Mustang Ronda.