Fire and Ice

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  1. that's a nice engine :nice:
  2. I'm not sure that it'd work for you but there was a post a month or so ago that linked to a detailed build of a 69 Mustang that had a "hidden" cage that went in the A-pillar to connect the front. I don't think that there's enough space in the car for you to hide the pipe but it's an idea none-the-less. Also, I'm not sure that a pipe from the cage exposed going along the A-pillar would be very "elegant".

    Anyways, it sounds like everything is going to be amazing with these two cars (as is expected :D ) and everything will get sorted out. I will be paying close attention to both builds but especially the I-6 build. I'm looking forward to doing something slightly out of the ordinary when I finally build a Mustang and an I-6 might be the way to go.

    Good luck and keep us posted. :nice:
  3. It's possible, but you may have to roll down the quarter windows and have her stick her feet out of them. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Yup! "Hide the Pipe" in a '65 should only be attempted buy young people who practice yoga! Especially in a coupe!
  5. So far we have reduced torsional deflection by 70% and we still have a few items to complete.

    Here is a link showing all the mods made to date.

    Here are some photos showing the rocker, floor pan mods




    Here is a photo showing the cowl, firewall, shock tower reinforcements.


    We need to add the final shock tower brace and weld the floor to the rockers before we can take our final "test". After that, we can add the cage and see just how much we gain at that point.

    Also, we are working on a modified Monty Carlo bar that not only helps maintain the distance between the shock towers, but also helps reduce overall front clip deflection.

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  6. weight

    Looks like good work as usual.
    Do you have an idea of the final weight?
  7. As she sits right now, we have added about 120 lbs.

    When completly assembled, I am guessing that we are going to be in the 3,000 lb range.
  8. Hi SN65.
    Is the cowl tubing -one piece going thru the inner fender?
    I tried to blow up the image but could not tell.
    I will be following this closely, can we get this as a sticky or can someone tell me how to subscribe?
  9. amazing work AGAIN!!! keep up the good work.
  10. Yes, the tube that runs along the cowl/firewall is one tube. We just had to cut 4 small holes. Two in the appron and two in the outer side cowl panel. After cutting the holes we just slipped the tube all the way through. At that point we just clamped it up and welded it in place.
  11. Did SN65 end up selling?
  12. The passenger side tower shows what looks to be a crack to the front of mounting hole for the UCA. Would it not have been easier to replace this before the braces were put in?
  13. E-bay only got up to 101,000. We need a bit more than that to let it go.

    Wayne will be at SEMA with the car, so maybe we might get an offer. We are going to be in the MagnaFlow display, in the Overhaulin' compound. There will be a Boyd car, the SN65 and a Foose car on display.
  14. Good eyes...

    If we were going to use the original suspension / shock tower setup, we would have freplaced it before hand. But, we will be installing a McPherson strut setup and we are going to be removing the inner section of the shock tower to get us a bit more header clearance for the Roush 427. That section with the crack will be gone.
  15. Hey -- I'll come say hi at SEMA.

    What strut setup are you planning on using?
  16. Cool. Is you car going to be on display? If so, what booth?

    We are building our own front strut setup using custom coil overs and SN95 spindles. We are also building our own 3 link w/watts link, coil over rear suspension.

    Both of these, when complete, will be 100% bolt in assemblies. No welding required.

    On another note...

    A lot of people have made comment (no one on this forum) that the SN65 was a simple project because we didn't engineer anything. All we did was weld two cars together. Well I have to say that building these cars (even with all the custom features) is SO much easier to do. If everything goes as planned, we are going to finish 2 cars in a fraction of the time it took to build the SN65.
  17. Not displaying -- just cruising the show. I'll definitely stop by to see you and the SN65 though.

    One thing I've learned in everything I've done in life so far is that no matter what you do, there will always be critics. Moreover, if you lower yourself to their level by responding to them it just feeds their fire. Anyone who knows you-know-what from Shinola knows that a huge amount of time, creativity, and engineering went into the SN65. I can absolutely guarantee that whoever made those comments could never even dream of having what it takes to do what you did.

    There are those out there who criticize the cars I build as well. I don't give a rat's ass. You've been around this board and others for long enough to see tons of people slamming Boyd, Foose, and all the others. Do you think they lose sleep over it?

    Hell, when I worked at JPL I had a hand in building 2 Mars rovers that are successfully operating on a planet 200 million miles away, and I've walked into work there past people picketing claiming that is was all fake and a big conspiracy. There will always be critics of anything and everything.