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  1. Here's the God honest truth.

    94-95 S351R's for those that have come up for sale are selling all over the board from mid 20's to low 30's. I'm talking about 50k mile cars to 5k mile cars. I am offered money for mine every time I show it. It's only because it has very low mileage, has every option you could have possibly ordered on a car then and it's near perfect.

    Strangely, there have been a few S351's for sale lately that have an added blower like Footnfans car. This is obviously the single most desireable upgrade you could make to an N/A S351. Heck, I'd do it also, but like he said, do not pass go, do not collect your $200 because that truck motor is gonna pop. I don't see anything wrong with adding a blower, but the purists will always argue that since it did not come with it, it hurts the value.

    Just like Scott said, after 97 all of the S351s were blown, but they made less of them therefore they are a littel harder to come buy. The 97 and up cars are OBD II also and recieved some fuel and tune advancements but beware they still are not bullet proof. The 99's are the brass ring as they are the first year of the new bodystyle and still hold a lot of value. Most hovering around 40-50. Nobody bring up the Barret Jackson slip again.

    Converts add anywhere from 3-5K and they better be clean also.

    Anyway, as you know that white one S351 N/A on ebay has 49k miles on it and the guy will probably take 18k.

    I know, I know history has showed us that in the long run, well in maybe 30 more years or so, no-one is going to care about high mileage on a car as long as it's complete, not re bodied, and not completely wrecked. What I'm referring to are 65 and up Shelby Mustangs that are hovering all around 70k on the extreme low end to upwards of 200k.

    Well, 1994-95 S351's are just a decade old. If you are a young guy and want a good investment, go buy a house. If you want a daily driver just forget about an S351. altogether. Listen to someone who knows. If you think you are going to keep this car forever, find exactly what you want and can afford and go for it. Don't get me wrong, I love the power potential behind the 03/04 Cobra but if you have not owned a properly set up blown 351 then you have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to torque and seat of the pants excitement. The power with a Cobra is so linear and refined compared to an S351 it's apples and oranges. Once again if you have not owned one or have had a chance to spend some time with one that has been properly set up then you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    You need to get out and drive everything you can. Make up your mind then.
  2. Marcus he ask me first! :p :cheers:
  3. Yes, you will spend more getting the car setup right/driveable and then you will never get your money back out if you have to sell down the road.

  4. Sorry George.

    Ok, I have first right of refusal. :D
  5. I will have to "ditto" everything said so far by marcus, animal, speedster, etc.

    There is a guy named Tim (his last name escapes me) who always attends the various Ford/Mustang shows in the SoCal area, including Knotts & Saleen Performance. He used to own a heavily modified black S351 Speedster. In talking to him @ last year's Saleen show about my desire to replace my then for sale '89 Saleen, he specifically mentioned the latter year S351's with the Vortech superchargers were less desirable because of the tuning issues & their tendency to eat motors if not properly maintained/tuned. When I say "less desirable" I'm not referring to their inherent value for Saleen enthusiasts. I'm referring instead to the fact that they are not conducive to being used as a daily driver with the currently available premium gasoline & the requisite tuning/maintenance.

    My dearly departed '89 was also modified including a supercharger, but I made certain that before the blower was installed, the basic engine & ancilliaries were upgraded to handle the additional airflow & fuel requirements. Everything but the factory shortblock was upgraded prior to the supercharger & as part of that installation I also upgraded the MAF, fuel injectors, fuel pump & cooling system. Then I made sure to have it tuned to optimize the performance without creating detonation or affecting driveability.

    As the others have stated, some people merely install a blower & don't take the time or effort to complement that installation with the necessary components to support the extra air & fuel flow & increased heat.

    I would also agree that for a daily driver, the 03/04 Cobra would be ideal.
    Along with considering either a S351 or S281 Cobra, I also contemplated a 03/04 Cobra convertible with the intent of creating my own Saleen Cobra using a complete Kenny Brown suspension/chassis package & possibly the Saleen body kit, along with some other select modifications. It could have been potentially a great car, but having already been an original Saleen owner, I just couldn't convince myself to bring yet another fake Saleen into existence.

    Finally, if you really want to own a S351 as a semi-daily driver, I'd recommend purchasing a non-supercharged model & rebuilding the 351 with a 400 c.i. stroker kit. You'll have just as much torque & horsepower of a S/C model but with N/A driveability/reliability. Plus you have the bonus of no one being the wiser because the engine will appear to be just a standard S351.
    This was another of my brilliant ideas when I was considering the aforementioned vehicle options.
  6. ok stupid question what is the difference between t code and r code.
  7. R- Code:

    Blower, 13" Alcons, gauge pod, four core rad, dual fuel pumps ( t-rex ) $6,244 option


    13" Alcons, 3.27 R&P, Leather
    $4,744 option
  8. thanks marcus i am confused do they still make R code or was that just with the s351 and do they still make the s351. Because i have a 02s281sc but does not have the 13'' alcons so what is that.
  9. The S351 was a 351 windsor based car, Saleen took stock V6 cars and replaced the drivetrain with the 351 and a Tremec transmission along with allot of other items. They no longer make the S351. The R code was a blower car and the T code was one without the blower. That's a simple explanation of the car. I know there is much more to it but that should answer your question. Your S281Sc is a totally different car, it came stock with the 4.6 mod motor as all S281's do, hence the name S281 (281=4.6L). The 13" alcon is an upgrade available for your car but unless it was ordered that way it came with standard GT 11" brakes up front.
  10. thanks man that helps
  11. So it seems like buying a t code with a blower might not be the best idea and adding a blower to a stock T trim might not either. So if you guys had to guess what do the 2 s351 cars on ebay bids rise to?
  12. Here's my opinion on the two white cars on ebay, the vert at Blue Oval, and the N/A TN car.

    That vert at Blue oval has been on ebay twice before as mentioned. It shows really low miles but it just bothers me for some reason. Maybe it's the overspray, maybe its the wrong decklid decal??? I dunno. Like Scott said, it now has a blower, but did not come with one. The blower motors had different compression ( pistons ), well supposedly they all should have had hypernumatics but I have seen more than one disabled motor (R-code) without :( . The passenger seat looks new, but I just don't know about the mileage. Someone else chime in on that one. I know the car is not at the dealership, but technically for ebay purposes, it is being sold by a dealer.

    That coupe, It looks good. If the guy cancelled the blower then did Saleen leave the blower motor in there and just install the air cleaner, or did the guy catch the order early enough?? Just don't know. No one at Saleen would know either.

    I forget where that vert ended bidding last time but I'm gonna guess that seller wants over 30 for it. As for that coupe, I could swear before there were bids he said he would take 18 for it. Maybe I was seeing things.

    Since you are still at it, it's apparent that you would like to have an S351, and a blown one at that so you have two options.

    Hold out for a really clean low mileage car ( you just missed Barts black one on Mark's site ) that was a keeper, and pay around 30 for it and make sure you have shortblock money ready and a cherry picker or

    2. Just go out and buy a car that has mileage and has been driven, maybe save 5k, but still make sure you have forged shortblock money saved up.
  13. I think you meant to say "hypereutectics" not "hypernumatics." :doh: :D

    And a CarFax report should be able to clear up some of the questions regarding the white convertible (albeit not ALL of them).

    But I know what you mean about an eBay listing from someone allegedly selling a car for someone else unless it's a consignment sale from a dealer.

  14. Right! :D :D

    Nice catch. Kind of like principal and principle. I need to learn to type! :D
  15. My old car mentioned above had 51k miles on it when I sold (for $30k which was low, but I needed the money for real estate) It not too long ago, but was maintained by the Saleen Race Team up until I purchased it at 44k miles. The dyno and cylinder pressure numbers were all perfect, so I was not concerned about the motor when I bought the car.

    Find the right R code car (96-98 1st or a 97 upgrade car like my 94 is a big plus in my opinion) and pay what you need to for it. This way you will bypass the headache of building the car you want and spending money on a non sced R code car you will never make back in the long run.

    This will take some time to find the right car but you will be much happier in the end.

    If I was looking for a S351 right now, I would be eyeing the white 95SR that was on Ebay or the yellow SR on PAS.
  16. Bart,

    You are in Oregon? The one with the stock hood, aluminum wheels and 7k miles? Or is that another Bart??? The one I was reffering to was one Mark's site for months and months.
  17. I am the other Bart lol, I am in GA and owned 94-11 the triple black speedster. My car was also on Mark's site for sometime!
  18. Its great the amount of responses this thread has gotten. I guess my best bet is just wait for the r code I am looking for. I have some money in my pocket after the sale of my car which is making me want to get something soon but I guess thats not the best idea. I am not really interested in the SR, seems like a collectors car to me. I am watching these ebay auctions I want to see where they end. the white coupe I got an email from the owner saying 20k should take it.
  19. I was just on ebay and it looks like the reserve was hit on the coupe with a 16.5k bid. I am surprised the reserve was so low.
  20. At that price it might be worth looking into if you plan on leaving it stock.