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  1. $17,600 reserve met??????
    I think all S351 owners who sell the cars for less then what they are worth should be shot in the head!!! If the sellers would stick to there guns and sell the car for what it is worth, we would all be very happy. Instead they dump the *ucking car for way less then they should and devalue the living **** out of ours!! I thought the Red 95 that Mark sold pas for $20,000 was a steal. But to drop way under that???? Not that I bought the car for long term investment (that's what the house is for), but come on. WTF :notnice:

    Alright, since everyone else is doing it. Anyone what to buy my 97 S351 "R" White Speedster #01 Former Saleen Inc Press Car ('97/'98). Featured in at least 15 different magazines articles and automobile publications. Cover car for the S351 Sales Brochure. 20,000 miles. Every option except power seats, real carbon fiber hood and IRS. 560hp 600tq. $15,000 firm but will take less just to **** other S351 owners off .......... :nono:
    (no really for sale, just venting)
    Flooded market is one thing, just giving the car away for no reason is another thing........Any one else agree with me or am I the only one not getting the whole picture??? (meaning I'm I way out of line about this one)
  2. It just shows how bad people are hurting for money right now. Cars aren't bringing half what they are worth right now. After the gas price issue hit the prices dropped dramatically. It will pick back up, but it could be a few months or a year or so. It is a buyers market right now, but peopel aren't buying. Even at the low prices. I would have never imagine that S351 would go that low! That was a great deal for someone wanting a nice collector car.
  3. Maybe gas prices and the popularity of the '05 have a lot to do with it. Also, not only is it a selective market in terms of buyers, but now you're looking at a car that is difficult to finance because it's older then must finance companies will touch. So a potential buyer is looking at collector car financing (if they don't have cash) and that can be a real **** to get, I've tried in the past.

    Maybe the 351's are hitting that age in years where buyers are thinning out because of the financing opportunities available to them. Less buyers might equal a tougher time selling. :shrug:
  4. Most banks and credit unions will finance a S351 with no issues. Generally, if you go to a bank and they won't it is because the person you talked to didn't know how or where to look up the value of the car. I have ran into this issue a few years ago.
  5. Like I have mentioned I recently sold my 98 saleen cobra convertible and I feel it didn't bring that much. I had it advertised for months everywhere including marks site. I probably got one response a week, just no interest. If you look around alot of cars on marks site are just sitting there. People lobve the 05, the 94-98 are now another body style old, rates are ticking up, gas is way up, and new cars are offering crazy financing deals. I love the s351 trust me but i keep saying its a buyers market. Go on ebay and look at the prices these cars are getting most have no bids near the reserve. Just my opinion but you are ranting people are dumping the cars but they are only worth what someone is willing to pay and obviously that has come down alot. The main reason I haven't gotten one yet is because alot of owners haven't realized this yet. Even the price on 03-04 cobras has dropped a ton. I really beleive alot of people out there are overleveraged with debt as there homes are appreciating so quickly, with prime ticking up and the possibility of home prices declining I think anyone with cash will be able to really piuckup some bargains. I don't want to sound like doom but cash is always king in my opinion and I don't think many people really follow that philosphy any more.
  6. Most banks would cover a a private party, out of state, and a 10 year old car? Don't know but seems like that would be a tough sell to the banks I use.
  7. Nada has a classic car guide that banks use. It is usually treated differently than just a 10 yr old car due to values not taking a hit like most cars.
  8. Speaking of nada have you seen the online edition. It seems like prices have just updateed. All the cars have taken a major hit, look at all the s351 cars I couldn't believe it. If banks do use these numbers then I can see why people will have trouble getting financing.
  9. :eek:
    Your right!! They have been recently adjusted. About two weeks ago, the "book value" of the speedster was still around $35, its dropped $6 very quickly.......But the value for the saleen explorer still hasn't changed. Maybe I should run out and buy one before it drops too..... :p

    Funny, though, a 65 Shelby R-Code "books" for $200. I would take out a second on the house tonight to buy one of those for that price. One of the 32 left in existence just sold for the $450ish range.......
  10. Ah I think were all doomed. We should just mothball our cars and go buy Hondas. :D

    Guys, this will pass. The 05's are still new. Back in 94 the same thing was happening with the foxbody Saleens. Look who here now cares that fox Saleens were going for 10k then and they were only 6-7 years old.

    I remember selling my 1990 in 94 for 12k and I was ****ed. Anyway, that was one of my drivers and I had put a lot of miles on it.

    If there is anyone here that wants an S351 just wait for the right car to come along. If it's the right car, you will spend more than average anyway. Also, anyone in the market right now for a 500 hp 10 year old mustang they better be buying it for any other reason than it being their daily driver. Save that for a modular. With all of that said, if you can afford this kind of car as a second or third car than you probably do not need a loan on it anyway.

    If you outright own your car it's an asset. If not it will always be a liability until you sell it or pay it off.
  11. Doomed is right.

    I just checked the revised NADA values on Saleen Mustangs to see if the one I recently purchased had taken a hit as well. Yep, it certainly did to the tune of about $3K. So I ended up paying more than high retail value for it. :eek:

    However, the one I purchased was a one of a kind & with very low miles so realistically I'm not unhappy with the purchase. Of course it would have been nice to have paid less, but then waiting for the right car at a lower price can prove to be a fruitless endeavor & you may end up missing an opportunity to purchase a car you really want.

    When I sold my original owner '89 Saleen back in February, I had to make the decision whether or not to accept the offer as it was several thousand $$$ below my asking price. I had been attempting to sell it off & on for about 3 years before someone came through with an actual cash offer despite receiving a lot of inquiries & the fact that I had progressively lowered my asking price. But I decided that the offer was more money than I had prior to the offer so after consulting with the wife I chose to accept it.

    Now I have a new(er) Saleen that has replaced that void in my garage & heart so I can't complain too much. :cool:
  12. Anyone remeber what the white convertible went for last time? I think it was over 30k this time mid 20's. Alkso the 99 s351 convertible is back on ebay.
  13. I'll give him $35 grand cash for it!!! Think he'll take it :p
    Remember, its a buyers market........
  14. Can I get a url for the "Mark's site" mentioned a couple of times in this thread? I'm not in the market, but I love looking at Saleens, especially the 94-98 coupes. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  16. Here is one of matching 95 S351's...... Mine is in the front and Marcus is the rear one:

  17. Thank you, sir!

    I see Don Rositch is with them now? I knew him from my time at Charlie's Mustangs in San Jose, very skilled craftsman IMO. He did the majority of the work on what I considered to be Charlie's best personal car, a '92 coupe that Charlie had purchased from Don. Filled with all kinds of neat tricks. Ironically, the plate on that car was BTRNSLN, "better than Saleen". :)

    s351, your picture is red x'ing.