Firewall Adjusters

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Recommend which Firewall Adjuster??

  1. Steeda

  2. BBK

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  3. Other

  1. Ok thnx, seen a couple things about that so i wasn't sure.
  2. Wow Fiore.. talk about a blast from the past. Used them on a few cars. Great part.

    BTW ....shocking. just shocking. UPR copying someone elses designs? :rlaugh:
  3. I put it in dry right out of the box.
  4. Oh man smooth like butter, like a new ride, pretty stoked!! My old cable had a rub spot from the K-member and it split from the plactic c-clip part from it binding i guess. I'll post a couple pics soon.
  5. You may want to wrap a piece of fuel line hose around the new cable in the same position as where the old one rubbed.
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  6. used a rubber band on the quadrant to hold the cable, made life real easy that way.

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  7. It actually was a little longer cable but it was the frpp part, kinda weird but im not complaining cause it's way more roomy and loose.

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  8. LOL... not even a zip tie, eh? :nice: Talk about ghetto fix bro.
  9. To hold it in place til i connected it to the lever arm, pretty easy and fast :D
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  10. Smart idea. I'll have to add that one to my Mustang fixit play book...
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  11. I posted earlier that I have the UPR firewall adjuster. What I bought was a UPR "Firewall adjuster, billet quadrant, cable assembly" package they offer.
    All I needed was the adjuster and quadrant.

    If any of you need a free cable you can have this one if you want.

    Just cover the shipping bill and I'll send it to you.
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  12. Made it in the @jrichker playbook, ....Saweeet!!!! :cheers:
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  13. Nice offer. If it were me I'd hang on to it. Never know when you might need another
  14. :whine: :leghump:
  15. No, I'll never use it. I only use one type of clutch cable. OEM '99-04 v8/GT cable. Absolutely the smoothest clutch cable on the planet.
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