first 347 install

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  1. I have ordered a 347 short block kit from Ford strokers and I'm wondering what else I need to change. llike what injectors, maf, throttle body, and etc I will need. for the present time I will be keeping my stock heads untill I can affford a pair and intake. basically I'm asking what NEEDS to be changed to get me going until proper heads and intake. engine will have a custom cam and 13.8 dish pistons when I get it.
  2. car is a 1990 gt with a world class t5, full suspension, subframe connectors, built locker rear end with 31 spline mosers and 3.73 gears.
  3. Just my opinion... you should join the SBF building site as you are buying a kit.
    That said the pistons will dictate what heads can be used in the future. Look into pistons that can be used for both inline and TW heads. You never know what deals one may find on heads in the future.

    You need to have some idea of your combo and HP goal well before a custom cam. Your HP goals will be directly related to how big of an injector you will need along with other supporting hardware.

    Question, is boost in your future? Wondering about the dish piston.
  4. Compression with a 58cc chamber cylinder head and a 0 deck motor is 9.8:1

    Probe was one of the only manufactures offering dual relief pistons but in recent years they have split them to 2 separate lines, TFS and INLINE only, unless someone has some older inventory. What piston did you buy?

    If you are going to stick stock heads and intake on the motor, Id go stock cam as well and save till you can afford to do heads otherwise your wasting money. If you cam it for what a large head and intake could use it will hurt the power and torque down low and the curve will be lazy IMO. ID run stock injectors and MAF as well till you upgrade the top half on the motor. Like mentioned, cam would be the last thing I design....

    If you were my customer and wanted inline style heads, Id go 58ccAFR185, Holley Systemax intake, 75mm TB, 80-95mm MAF and 30lb inj, TWISTED wedge FAC 190cc milled to 58cc, RPM II or TFS Track Heat intake, 75mm TB, 80-95mm MAF, 30lb inj

    My $.02
  5. I'm planning on boost from a centrifugal style supercharger around 10psi. I don't mind a temporary power loss until I get the proper heads and intake which won't be long anyway. I just want to get what I need so I will be ready when I need to be wen I install everything. I also have an external fuel pump and pressure regulator as well.
  6. Then why not just wait for everything and put it in the car as a whole?:shrug: Why would you want double the work?
  7. it's my daily driver so it can't be off the road to long