First 700 Rwhp Cobra!!!!

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  1. Earl’s Automotive, a Kenne Bell Dealer / Installer in Burbank, California is now the proud owner of the first Kenne Bell supercharged ‘03 Cobra to hit 700 rwhp without Nitrous. This gorgeous red Cobra with blue flames hit 700.5 horsepower and a whopping 737 ft lbs. of torque! Note the 730+ ft lbs. of torque all the way from 3000 to 4800 rpm!


    Way back in August ‘02 we dynoed our test ‘03 Cobra at 617 rwhp for 5.0 Mustang Magazine. This article, “Snake Bite Hit”, has all the tests and Eaton comparisons. The article reprint can be reviewed on our website at That car was completely stock except for a Kenne Bell supercharger at 20 psi, Cool Air Kit, Boost-A-Pump, Boost-A-Spark, and Switch Chip. It made all that power through the stock exhaust, cats and manifolds (no headers), stock MAF, throttle body, pumps, injectors and fuel rails. We decided to stop at 617 rwhp because the stock 40lb (rating at 39 delta psi) injectors were maxed out at 85 psi fuel pressure and 600 rwhp.

    Earl’s car ran in the 10's (10.47/133 corrected for altitude at LACR) the first time out with headers, cat back exhaust, X-pipe, big oval throttle body, chip, Focus pumps, Boost-A-Pump, Siemens “55#” injectors and 12" filter at 650hp. After the new tune at Kenne Bell, it made 700 rwhp at 25 psi.

    At 20 psi, the car dynoed at about the same hp with headers, throttle body, X-pipe, cat back exhaust and no cats as our original test car with the factory equipment. Our prior back-to-back tests on our original test car indicated no power gain from any exhaust system. Even with no cats and the exhaust system completely removed we saw no gain at 600 rwhp. We measured back pressure before and after removal of the cats. At 20 psi boost, there was 30 psi back pressure just before the cats, then with them removed, it dropped to 15 psi, but strangely enough, there was no power gain. That remains a mystery, even to us - and we’re not the only ones. Again, a good dyno test is worth a thousand opinions. From what we witnessed on Earl’s car, the headers appeared to make little, if any power. We will be conducting a specific, dedicated and accurate back-to-back data logged header test that will be undisputed. Our goal at Kenne Bell is to supply our customers with useful, factual information on what is required to make 700+ rwhp on an ‘03 Cobra.

    We learned a lot on Earl’s car. There are piles of test data and information, much of which will be published in upcoming articles in Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords and then reprinted on our website in our “Cobra and Lightning Tech & Tuning Tips”. A full two weeks was devoted to calibrating chips, dyno testing, pressure and flow testing fuel pumps, rails, injectors, filters and inlet systems. Also tested were new technology wires, coils, ignition systems, spark plugs and MAF meters.

    Also look for many more posts on our results regarding tuning, fuel pump test reasults of the stock pumps, Focus pumps, Lightning pumps, etc.

    Congratulations, Earl!
  2. this the first dyno proven 03 to push 700? on just the KB?
  3. I'm afraid there already were KB-powered Cobras with 700+rwhp. I know I've heard of a few, but I actually know a guy how has one. He goes by Black Demon and posts frequently over on I believe he has about 730-740rwhp w/ a KB w/o N2O
  4. And there are quite a few non-KB powered 700+rwhp 03 CObra's :shrug:

    But great accomplishment though :nice:
  5. My friend charlie baught nitrous pete's car 03 cobra. i know that he was pushing over 700rwhp with the nitrous. unforunantly he blew the motor up just screwing around. nows he putting a turbo on it from x2c motorsports. i know that hes shooting for 800rwhp with out the nitrous.
  6. Where's The Dyno Charts?

    Yes, we've heard many "claims" once again about "over 700" without Nitrous, but where are the dyno graphs?

    Ever seen one?

    Show us the money!
  7. That is the bomb. Any estimates on the cost for the charger, tune, fuel setup, and installation? A ballpark would be cool; I’m planning on making this mod when all the bugs get worked out. :nice:
  8. I've seen the dyno graphs :shrug:

    Go over to, click search, enter "Black Demon" and PM him asking for a pic of the graph. He will be happy to respond :D
  9. wata kind of e/t's and mph you guys got goin on?

  10. my freind charlie went 9.80 @144
  11. Do you have the A/F graph for that dyno run?
    What fuel pumps were you using?
    Stock MAF?
    What's with the big drop and jagged lines between 5000-5500rpm?

    The numbers are impressive, but it's one thing to get good readings on a dyno and still have the car hold up under harsh daily driving conditions.
  12. RaceRat, you have too many toys. You HAVE to give me one :p
  13. cool

    very cool to have a car with that much power, but I know from experience that you will break the rear EVERY time you launch with that much power...unless you seriously baby it off the line.

    JDM Engineering was testing different half shafts at the track and was saying that what ever he was testing at the time was the last straw...he was going to a solid rear if it happened again..that was with just below 600 hp i think...the very next run he broke them.

    You can make anything fast, but to get 700 and keep the car running with that power, you need to make serious modifications...not to mention the safety equipment (roll bar etc)....regardless it is really cool to know we have a car with so much potential and an engine that can handle it.
  14. You can make the dyno read anything you want...
    You can put in corrections, multipliers, etc...

    This is something hilarious that I just learned today:
    Most tuners know some dyno's can make corrections for wheel slip, altitude, IAT, etc...
    What I didn't know until today is that on a Superflow dyno, there is a correction called the "DJ correction"
    DJ meaning "DynoJet"
    In the two sample scanarios that I saw, the dynojet correction was 10% and 15% HIGHER than the actual reading at the tire.
    In other words, they added parameters to make the numbers read like a dynojet for those who race their cars on the dyno and not at the track and are used to the "forgiving" numbers of a dynojet.
    You made 250 HP....BUT with the DJ correction, you actually "made" 275.
    It seems that everyone is after that highest number on the dyno and that means their car is the "fastest".
    This is, of course, is a bunch of crap.
    What many people don't realize is that a dyno is used for comparison.
    A friend (Dave, who tuned you car for you) said the dyno is strictly a tuning tool, and you'll really see what the car is making for power at the track......very true.

    Just because your car reads 30 Hp less on one dyno than the other doesn't mean your car lost power...
    This is why you don't run the car stock, modify it and then run it again on another dyno....
    You might gain 20 HP, but show a loss of 15 HP because all dynos are different.

    You were speaking of JDM and 1/2 shafts...
    Jim D'Amore from JDM is supposed to be coming down here in the next day or two. (If he isn't full of crap =o)
    I'm going to talk to him about which aftermarket 1/2 shafts have been the strongest because I know he's broken a few. I don't anticiate pushing more than 480 HP at the tire this week, but I may make the move for a Kenne Bell in the future if cashflow permits (and if I'm willing to completely kiss my warranty goodbye). Whether I do this or not, I don't want to have to worry about the stock shafts...

    Anyway, Jim REALLY helped me out with getting the mods I needed for this magazine article shoot on Thursday/Friday and if you're reading this, Jim...I owe you one.
    You helped me out enough that I think it deserves a plug on the forum:

    JDM's website is
    He basically sells everything for our cars and is Superchips dyno dealer. Good prices and good support.

  15. WTF, I would think you would really be happy and proud if there were many KB powered '03s out there, rather then just thumping your chest that you have the only one.

    Do you really work for KB. If you did, Jim Bell should take your keyboard away from you and shove it where the sun don't shine because you are one arrogant someofa****.

    I said the same on the 2V forum after reading your post to Red Dragon.

    You do not benefit KB by a statement as quoted above.
  16. pointless anyway


    Your 700 HP car will undoubtedly sit at the line while you watch tranny fluid spill out the back after your rear breaks! THATS TOO MUCH POWER...unless you have done some serious modification to the rear/suspension..

    The reason I make comments like because it bugs me that people come on here bragging about 700hp and then some young kids come to the track with 700hp and blow up their car on the first run because no one tells them that the car cant handle it unless the swap out the rear..

    I think its silly to have a car with so much power if you cant use it..
  17. Yeah, I know what you mean.....
    I love the magazine article on the 10 secrond "stock" 03 Cobra.
    It had a stock blower with 2.8 upper, 6 lb lower, a chip and that's about it.
    No heat exchange upgrade...nothing.
    What the hell good is that?
    Sure it's fast, but it isn't done right....
    How long is that stock blower gonna last?

    Same with a "700 horse" kenne bell car....
    but add the proper suspension mods and a yank out that IRS and you have a badass ride!

    I just don't trust dynos for anything but comparison.
    They all read different, but if they are working properly and there is no operator error...they are at least consistent to show changes and that is what they were designed for.
    I'm tired of people wrapping their dyno sheets around their penis....

  18. :lol: :lol:
    Hey wait...I don't have a penis. :rlaugh: