Forced Induction First Air To Water Intercooler Set Up For Kenne Bell

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  1. With alot of pain and suffering we finally finished the build with alot of $$$$$$ we now have the dyno results it made 505RWHP at 6000RPM's and max torque of 500ftlbs at 3000RPM's and flat right across the top it's an absolute monster to drive:). The 2.1 KB was swapped out for a 2.6 KB and with the pulley we are running right now it makes about 13.5 PSI of boost the motor keeps wanting to make power but because it's a stock block we aren't pushing it until i replace it with a Dart block and then i can push it harder but i'm gonna have some fun with it just the way it is for the next couple of years. Oh by the way the intercooler works so good that my dyno pulls repeated 4 more times without any power loss as a result of heat
  2. Awesome! :nice:

    You posting pics of the final install?
  3. I got to see this, post some pics.
  4. I will post some pics this weekend of the set up the car will also be in Car Craft magazine and once i know what issue it'll be in i'll let everyone know that also.
  5. What were your intake temps after the intercooler install?
  6. I can't tell you honestly what the temps were but if the intercooler wasn't working i would have see my dyno numbers decreasing because as the motor heats up it would start pulling timing out and making less horsepower.
  7. Pictures soon??!!
  8. Pictures soon??!!
  9. x2!
  10. photo 4.JPG photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG Sorry for the delay new job and all friggin work gets in the way of playing!!!!
  11. Wow... that one is a lot more compact than the first one you guys made, huh?
  12. Yes it takes up alot less room than all the piping for the A2A system but theres alot more carefull fabrication that has to happen to make everything fit under the hood. We also had to push in the firewall a bit to make some clearance for the inlet side manifold of the blower.
  13. Thank you i'm happy with it and i like the whole industrial look of the manifolds it looks like something NASCAR would have built.
  14. I wasn't thinking of that type look at all since I've since a few modified intakes for the Kenne Belle. This one is def. unique.
  15. Thanks the best part is it works!!!!:cool::canada:
  16. How much did that cost to fab up?
  17. The whole Fabrication of this cost about $4k so not cheap but in my opinion it's the only way to make this set up work the way it should. Unfortunately for the old school 5.0 motor it's hard to cool the air entering into the motor with a twin screw blower. That's why you see 90% of the time people use centrifugal type blowers as they are way easier to make work but they also rarely make 500ftlbs of torque at 3,000 rpms.
  18. Now that the design is done, how much do you think it would cost to duplicate?
  19. It probably wouldn't be what i paid but the guy that built it said it's the first and only one ever he said he wouldn't build another one but you can ask him yourself it's Adam Montague at ST Motorsports 1-909-388-2536 and mention it's the Kicking and Screaming car you saw.