Forced Induction First Air To Water Intercooler Set Up For Kenne Bell

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  1. This is sweet man! It's a shame that KB doesn't show us and the fox guys a little love and design something like this their selves.
  2. Don't want to burst any bubbles here................but me and a friend of mine have been running an air to water Kenne Bell on his 93' convertible 5.0 based 331 for over 5 years now. So far have run a best of 9.37 @ 148 mph in the 1/4 mile on 26X8.5 Hoosiers.
  3. That's a kickass time on a 8.5" tire. Do you have any pics of the intercooler.

    There is a number of video's of the car making runs and a lot of pictures of the engine and build when we upgraded from a hyd. roller cam to a solid roller this last winter. Any questions feel free to ask. This build was all done by Walter and myself with very little fab work being sublet out. It may not be the most pretty, but it works. Same basic setup as in this thread but different.
  5. Cool. I'll have to check it out later. It's bed time. Have to be up at 3:45 in the morning.

  6. I just finished reading the thread on your car and build it's definately the first build i know of but i think we are just the only 2 guys out there running air 2 water set ups. Your set up is strickly for race and i have mine set up for street and track use with my front mounted intercooler. I'm never going to go as far as you with my car it's fun the way it stands now. Funny when i look at your build we had some of the very same concepts and we used the same intercooler cores from a 03/04 cobra intake.
  7. I would LOVE to have an underhood setup along with one of the newer LC Big Bore setups. That would be sick as hell. I've already got the block and internals to support it. At most, I would probably need to swap in a larger set of heads and get some bigger injectors.

    Would be a freaking BEAST.
  8. I like the much cleaner look of you set-up. We used to run a front mounted intercooler for the water coming out of the A2W core when the car was mostly street driven, then we got more concerned with air charge temps when drag racing, so we added the water tank in the rear of the car so we could install ice on race day. Then we took off the front mount intercooler radiator and found that our air temps went down further because the pump used for circulating the the ice water now had less resistance overall without having to push the water forward through the intercooler radiator. We also used to have a conventional mounted t-body, but found the boost numbers went up when we made the inlet going into the supercharger shorter and shorter. During this process, the car became more of a drag only car and less and less of a street car. And while the car could still be driven on the street, it is not really practical. If we want to "street cruise" we hop into Walters 12 sec 08' Bullitt. That is more than fun enough for the street.
  9. Troof! I made a similar discovery on my lowly non-intercooled and pretty much off-the-shelf setup. At one point, I even had the MAF attached to the TB with a coupler and a 4 1/2 tube running from the MAF to the fender as a cold air pickup. It looked like ass but made a difference of 2 to 3 lbs (depending on conditions on day).

    I was just playing with the inlet restriction portion. My final setup includes the large N/A Anderson Power Pipe with the MAF and filter out in the fender.
  10. Thank you!!!! If i wanted to i still have lots of room to move to make boost i'm running a 2.875 pulley making 13.5 lbs of boost but thats meens i'd need to spend a pile more money and i just finished the car and want to enjoy it the way it is. I'd need to change the block for a Dart block and put in larger injectors as i have 42lb in there now, maybe after a couple of years of enjoyment and then i'll pull it apart again.
  11. KB needs to get on the ball and make some sort of intercooler for the 5.0 crowd. I would definitely be interested...
  12. I agree with you i would have definitely bought a complete set up from KB but i think all their R&D goes into the new stuff. You know when you can go out and buy a 3.8LC KB set up for your new Challeger or Mustang GT or even the Camaro and make almost 700hp at the wheels without cracking a single bolt on the motor that's impressive. When i look at how much work and money had to go into this project to make 505 at the tires i wouldn't do it again and i'm sure that's how KB looks at it too.
  13. Resurrection from the dead.

    You guys did some good work with these. I got back into the sport a few months back and hadn't been in the sport since 99. I have seen another one on a SN95 named Geiser Racing that was done some time ago. But the first one ever done for the PR 5.0s was done back in the mid 90s by Mark Sanchez of AEW. The kicker was it was using dual 1.5L KBs trying to push 1000hp. Anybody remember that one? I almost bought that setup but they wanted more than I could swing back then. $8500.
  14. Rare as hens teeth i see someone every so often talk about a set up but rarely see any info on them remember I'm using a KB 2.6L blower as far as i know no one else has done this set up.