FIRST engine build (302)

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  1. I have a 1992 gt AOD that in the near future I want to run 7s in the 1/8. I know I will be using afr 165 heads. Now I am stuck between the track heat or the eldebrock performer 5.0. I need help with cam choice as well. I would love to learn all I can before I start. Someone lead me in the right direction.
  2. Not to change your thread but did you end up rebuilding your rearend? I think either one of the intakes you mentioned would work fine. For the cam everyone recommends Ed Curtis custom grind cams but I don't have his contact info maybe someone else can help with that. The tfs stage 1 cam is a good off the shelf cam or call Comp Cams. They have a few also.
  3. Look up fti.. Flow tech induction.. The email address is on the site
  4. I get great results from fords E303 cam. It idles nicely, It has good drivability and emissions legal in 50 states.
  5. My older brother told me to get that fti cause he had one, I just dont want him to know what I have but I will get one of those thanks a lot.
  6. not yet that is my first step, Its just that my classmate has an holley systemax 2 top end and he no longer has an 5 liter so I bet I get an awesome deal.
  7. with those AFRs heads on that little motor, to go 7s on motor if it were mine i would run an anderson b31 and a systemax 2 intake. the edelbrock or tfs would probably work in a pinch too. and there are several cams that could work as well. i just like the AFM stuff because they are billet core. a whole lotta getting it to run is going to be getting it to leave. you are gonna need a decent non-lockup converter from someone like UCC and at least a 4.10 gear if not a 4.56 if you are gonna foot brake it with an aod. its a heavy transmission and the fact of the matter is a 9:1 302 doesnt make enough steam to pull a greasy string out of a cats ass. even with a lot of gear and converter i wouldnt expect it get the 60's into 1.5s. probably more like mid 1.6s.
  8. Not to be a dick but I don't think your going to hit 7's with a 302 and defiantly not with the 165's. Example I'm building a 383 w/ 225 afr and a 250 shot of nitrous and were targeting low 9's. To go 7's you better plan on an entire drive line upgrade, 10 pt cage, 9" rear etc...

    Cam selection you will need a custom ground cam, letter cams are garbage and not worth the space on this page. They are old world technology and only gd for an agressive idle. TFS and andersen cams are gd but I don't see them working well on anything below 11 second build.

    Just my 2 cents...
  9. he is talking about 7s in the 1/8th mile. which is mid 12s in the 1/4 mile.
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  10. Tranny, Converter and Suspension......get all the power you make to the ground.

    I also think you'll need 4:30-4:56 gear and spinning a little more rpm will help make power with the small cube motor. While I am a huge AFR fan I have always liked a TFS TW head on a small cube combo, they work really well.
  11. i have the 4.10 kit i need some et streets, I will just re-do the rear and trany before I really touch the engine I was just asking before hand what else I need for the rear before I drop it off the shop such as springs and all.
  12. ...8th mile i would love to see a daily driver n/a 5 litter run 7s