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  1. The initial estimate for the repairs on my car is already over 8000, incase u dint see the topic i was hit by a driver that went thru a red light.
  2. dude sorry:nonono:

    Whats the car valued at?

    Maybe get a 03/04 cobra:nice:
  3. car was valued at 13325
  4. Thats damn good for a 2000 it seems like. How many miles are on it?

    Sorry to hear about the wreck, but 13000 is a good chunk of change to start over with.
  5. well it was a convertible which ups the price plus the mileage was like 20000 under the average
  6. Time for a used 4v :D 99/01 cobra
  7. How the HELL was it valued at 13k?! I have a 2000 vert that just turned 32,000 and yours was like 55k wasn't it? Kbb has mine at 12k Excellent, 11k Good. :shrug:
  8. idk blue book was 13325 exactly
  9. I don't know how they got that number...Mine is fully loaded and I suspect yours was too. :shrug:
  10. exactly how many miles on yours?

    i dont know man, but mine is valued at $10,200 w/ premium wheels (added), DVD player(added), leather, ABS, premium sound(added), and excellent condition. 46k miles on it, average is 73k. maybe its the area i live in? i didnt know Austin, TX had so many mustangs i guess :shrug:
  11. Believe it or not...sometimes insurance companies actually end up paying out more than a car is worth! I had a car that ended up getting totalled in high school and by the time it was all over, I got more than I paid for the thing! lol