First Impressions of new PMS unit (and a couple more pics)

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  1. I installed my new (and revised for 2004) PMS unit yesterday and have posted my thoughts about it. Let me also add, that for us 94-95 owners with mods, I have gotten an almost stock type idle out of it in less than an hour. Something that was never obtainable with the custom burned Fordchip I removed. Very user friendly, and no laptop required (unless you want to datalog)

    1.) As I suspected, the new harness is a PITA as far as hook-up to the PCM and car harness are concerned. I really wasn't too happy twisting the fragile looking wiring around on my brand new PMS harness, but that's the way it is. Both PMS "harness plugs" face the same direction, so when you plug it into the PCM, the other plug has to be twisted around so the car harness can be plugged in. There was no way to "cleanly" install this part IMO. My kick panel sticks out now because the wiring that used to be tucked down in below the PCM is now unable to...Not a biggie, but be aware.

    2.) The "Anchor Point Mode" is a savior to our thumbs, LOL. Basically when you start making a change, all the numbers in the "cells" near it, in every direction, also change in the same direction. With roughly 12 changes, I had all PT parameters set....That was sweet! Thumbs Up!

    3.) I didn't have to use the "Idle Control" in my previous car, that had the older PMS in it, so I was a little perplexed, but only until I figured that I needed to "tweak" the factory IAC adjustment and close the throttle body butterfly to where it was supposed to be. That was the longest "problem" that I had...Now the car idles at 950, and if you rev it up, it comes down in two steps, just like a stocker...The car idles great, and I think I can tweak it to idle even better in time...

    Overall, I'm very happy and also impressed with the new unit. I had an older version on my old blower car that Spence and I tuned from a low 11 second car, to a low 10 second car, with several PMS keystrokes. Quite a few times I got screwed up on the unmarked buttons, which was annoying...I'm sure with some more usage, it'll be no big deal, but IMO it'd be a lot nicer with some sort of labeling for the buttons. Changes are easier to make than with the previous unit IMO, and the only real gripe I have is that I wish it was able to turn the cooling fan on at a more desired setting.

    I set my Stand Alone to come on at 2,000 rpm's, but at 70% TPS voltage, that way I'm mashing the gas pedal to the floor, which is the only time I'd prefer to be in Stand Alone anyway. I felt absolutely no hiccup, or flat spot when it went into Stand Alone, and already the car "feels" better than it ever did with a "custom burned" chip....

    Any specific questions, feel free to post them and I'll try to answer...

    Here's two pics of the display:
    (Notice on the close-up, that the rpm and O2 readings are a little blurred due to them fluttering around like they should)



    RPM = obviously Engine RPM
    Fuel = Injector duty cycle on the left, pulsewidth on the right
    Timing = Actual ignition timing
    TPS = throttle position
    Load = PMS mass air meter load on left, meter voltage on right
    O2 L/R = O2 sensor voltage left & right (wideband would show on left if used)
    Temp W/A = water temp on left/intake air temp on right
    Mn Press = Manifold pressure

    Here is a link to the user manual. I don't have a scanner, so I had to take pics and post them, LOL...
  2. Nice man,

    Did you use a laptop or are you going back and forth between your desktop? Also how much did the system run you, including tax etc. and all accessories you had to buy?


  3. Hey Jason. All tuning changes are made in car with the hand-held unit pictured above. The hand-held is a real time monitor when not used to make changes. That's the mods that it's in above: Monitor.
    You'd only need a laptop if you wanted to datalog. You'd also need the optional InterACQ software.
    I got mine from for $858 shipped.
    When you figure it's $400+ for a dynotune and custom chip, and then if it isn't right (like mine wasn't), then you get mad and take it somewhere else for another $400-$500, and uyou're still stuck with a chip you have no control over tweaking...When you look at the big picture, it's a sound investment. I'm really thrilled that the idle issues I had are finally resolved.
  4. What made you choose the PMS over the tweecer?


  5. A few things actually Jake.
    1. I don't own a laptop, and didn't want to have to haul everything in and out of the house to make a change (if you can even do that?)

    2. I was already familiar with the PMS since I used one on my old blower car. So I knew it would do what I needed it to do. In fact, I wanted to buy one back in March, but was convinced by Fordchip that they could correct my starting and idling issues...They didn't/couldn't... :mad:

    3. I really didn't need, or desire, to datalog (even though I can with an optional software and a laptop)

    4. Having already used one, I knew the PMS was very user friendly (not saying a Tweecer isn't-I don't know). With an hour's worth of IDLE tweaking yesterday, and another few minutes today, my car idles as smooth as a stocker, and starts up and runs, even at the seriously cold temps we are experiencing right now. That alone was well worth the purchase price, but also while trying out my baseline WOT tune, I found I can now blow the tires off in 2nd gear, something that never happened with the previous chip tune...

    Price-wise, it looks like the Tweecer and PMS are very comparable. THe R/T is what $500 or so, plus the cost of a used laptop...THe PMS was $850 or so, and is all self contained...Either is a good choice, but I like the simplicity of the PMS.
  6. Yeah, I figured it was the laptop, plus the fact that your already familiar with the PMS helps out. Luckily, I got a laptop for my graduation gift and I scored a tweecer R/T off the boards for a good deal and there is someone in my town that has been working with the tweecer since it came out on his H/C/I S-trimed 94 GT. Different setups for different people, right? Good luck with it Bob. Still got the T-5 in there? Going to go get that car deeper into the 12's?

  7. Having reliable, experienced help is a big plus. Thankfully, I have :hail2: Spence Hart (NMRA Drag Radial racer and PMS guru) as a friend and advisor. His skill level and help were invaluable with my old car. He also took the time to help me learn the little secrets as well. A MAJOR part of why my old ride went [email protected], when most comparable cars were barely in the 10's...hehe :nice:

    Yep, the Cobra T-5 is still in there, and I "HOPE" to go mid 12's this Spring...
    IF not, I'm selling the car and will start.... :spot:

    Take care...BOB
  8. Bob, I am so jealous. I've wanted one for a long time. After struts and shocks I may just go for it. By then I'm sure the price will have gone up. Last year I almost bought a new one for $760.
  9. Actually, the price did go up since the revisions.... :bang: