First Mod For the Snake (Catback Exhaust)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kyle-02GT, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Hey guys I was looking at a few catback exhaust setups and was wondering what you guys were thinking so feel free to chime in. I had Magnapacks on my old GT and liked them alot but was thinking about doing something different namely Bassani SS Catback the price is nearly twice that then the price of the magnapacks after stangnets rebate ($700+ for the bassani). I know people say the sound is wicked but is it really worth the extra nearly 400 bucks that could be used on a pulley and tuner setup?

  2. I have a Bassani cb and catted x on now (1 1/2 weeks old) which replaced a Magnaflow cab & catted x (3.5 months old)....both sound good...Bassani a deeper sound. I am curious as how the Magnaflow cb will sound with the Bassani x and am going to try that tomorrow. If I like it...I will have a virtually brand new bassani ss cb for sale....I will give you a deal on it.
  3. Let me know...
  4. It depends on what you want out of an exhaust.

    do you want something that's mellow until you get on it or do you not care and want as much horsepower as possible?
  5. Bassani sounds more edgy and snarley, the Magnaflow is more conservative, soft, and mellowed.

    I picked up a Bassani catback on my late cobra for $355 shipped, of course it was a BX series. (aluminum)

    Unless you deal with snow and salty roads, aluminized exhausts will most likely outlast the life of the car. So I would go for a BX series bassani. They still have SS cased mufflers and SS tips.
  6. Bassani

    I waited a long time for exhaust so I could hear many of them. Bassani was my favorite. Magnaflow sounds good but much more muffled. If you drive normal with bassani and leave the baffles in its not very loud. It roars without the baffles when you get on it.
  7. I'd recommend the Borla Stingers.. they sound awesome!
  8. I did a lot of research when deciding which catback to go with on my 97 Cobra. I read a lot of articles in magazines as well as website dynos, etc. I concluded that Magnaflow had the best over all HP/Torque increases to the rear wheels. It sounds tough, but no drone when cruising down the highway. Much better than the old Flowmasters I had on my 86 GT! With the addition of a Densecharger cold air kit, this car is screaming. I can't keep the wheels on the pavement. Even if I "feather" the clutch, I can roast the tires nearly all the way thru 2nd gear when full throttle. I plan to go with a Magnaflow catted X-pipe next year and get rid of the stock H-pipe. I had one of these on that old GT and with the shorty headers it made a huge difference. I saw a dyno on a 03 Mach1 where they only added a Magnaflow X-pipe and catback exhaust plus a K&N filter, and gained 24 HP and 25 torque at the rear wheels. That's a nice increase for $800!
  9. Just had a magnaflow put on my 99 Cobra and I really like it. No drone, mellow at cruising speeds, but nice at WOT. No dyno yet, but soon. I have a sound file on my website. My midpipe is stock.
    385ish shipped to my door.
  10. Get the new Flowmaster catback for
    your cobra it will sound awesome! :nice:
  11. Must.... resist..... posting.... in.... another.... catback.... exhaust.... opinion.... thread....



    Depends on how much money you're willing to spend for a specific sound. None of the major catbacks have a SIGNIFICANT HP/TQ increase/decrease over each other. Well actually, the flowmasters are down quite a bit compared to the other major brands.... get whatever makes ya happy!
  12. Makes your head hurt doesn't it?
  13. i have bassani catbac and x pipe with cats or without (u can remove them) and its pretty loud all stainless costed about 1200
  14. One Word...BASSANI :hail2:

    Get the Street Competition C/B if you want a nice gain a LOUD setup, ill be getting the SC Catback and Bassani O/R X when i get my cobra. I wonder if itll be loud enough for me? :D

    OT Craig Mack, WTF happened to teh Cobra bro? PM me and let me know. I never got a sound-clip

    <----------- Le sad :(
  15. I just switched from borla stingers to bassani.The borlas sounded awsome with a stock h-pipe or catted x-pipe, but with out cats it was way to loud for my taste, couldnt zip around in traffic , sounded like a nascar,sounded good but LOUD.What I like about the Bassani is you can roll on the throttle if needed and its loud but not holy chit loud.Very deep, nice sounding and high quailty.Its eye candy,its ashame its under the car were you cant see it except when you change your oil .Since I had my stiegemeier ported blower put on it sounds even deeper and meaner guess she's pushing a little more air :D :flag:
  16. I like my SLP, nice and loud.......
  17. I like my magnaflow for my 99 Cobra, 353 shipped brand new, and its not loud at all, clean, bit it should really wake up when I add bassani mid lengths and an off road x.
  18. Sorry, but the Flows do sound good but don't really add much HP or torque. I had them on my 86GT, but did not see much of a difference until I added a Magnaflow X-Pipe and shorty headers to it. I have read several comparative articles that Bassani and SLP don't add but about 3-5HP. I agree that Borlas are really loud. Get your car dyno'd, then add Magnaflows and dyno again. I bet you'll see 10-15HP gain at the rear wheels. Go with their Magnapacks if you like it loud or regular if you want a low tone at idle and mean sound at throttle. I will never buy another brand again.
  19. Catted X and Magnaflows are on the way....didn't want to spend the extra money for a little bit better sound and it seemed like that was the best bang for the buck.....

    I look at it this way that 500 bucks i saved by not going bassani will pay for a pulley and tune or at least close to it :)