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  1. i have a 01 v6 black mustang...the only thing i have done to it so far is put diablo vienna 20s on it...i was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what i can do next for sub $500...i am not familiar with any car stuff so please be detailed...i was thinking of maybe getting a catback exhaust for it from off of ebay...i really dont know what i would need to do once i buy it so any light on that subject is greatly appreciated...or maybe i should go with a nice headunit and some speakers + amp?...any input is appreciated

    btw, i was just wondwering what's the best way to take off a "decal"? im not sure if decal is the right word but i mean those metal things on back i.e. the word GT that is on back of stangs...
  2. Well first off welcome to stangnet, as for with 500 there is a lot you can do. the question is what rout you want to go performance, or stlye. performance deff. go with dual exhaust first depending on the price of the mufflers or kit you buy off e-bay it shouldnt cost over 500 at any rate, done it 3 different ways with 3 different 3.8's most expensive was 450 and that was full stainless custome pipes with lower cats punched. The ones off e-bay im not familier with but anywhere between 150 to 300 bucks for a shop to put them in or buy a guy a 20 pack and they may be willing to weld for really cheep as i believe most of those are simple installs. As for stlye I.E. sterio, interior looks, ground effects im not really sure about maybe someone else could imput with that portion but performance exhaust set up is #1 thing to do for performance and sound in my book and depending on just how you go about the exhaust you might be able to pick up a GT rear bumber with the money you have left to make it really clean looking since you have a 99+ but either way still your call ;):nice:
  3. i would say do gears. people always over look doing a gear swap early in the mod process.
  4. Gears are going to cost alot more than $500. If you do gears, you ought to get a posi at the same time since you wouldn't pay double on labor. So that's about $4-500 in parts there. Then you need someone to install, $200, and a tuner for a 99+ or atleast have the ECU flashed for the gears which will also cost.

    I would say exhaust or intake first. Intake can be picked up off ebay for like $50-$100 (I have no clue really lol), they are black plastic. Mac sells a good fenderwell one which I have and like, it's $180 and chrome.

    Maybe later when you have another $500, look at a tuner, SCT Xcal2 or Diablo Preadator, about $400 but when used with a intake and exhaust, you can see some good gains. You would have to use 93 octane to get the most out of it, but I have seen 87 performace tunes. Plus if you get gears later on, a tuner can recalibrate the speedometer since the gears will effect it very bad.

    Sound system, I got a 400w amp with 2 10" subs with good sound quality for $200 over a year ago at circuit city, still working good, and got 3 years left on my extended warrenty just in case. Shop and you can find great deals.

    As for the "decal", your thinking emblem. How to get them off I don't know, but knowing the word might get you one step closer.
  5. yeah i woulda said gears, but between actually getting them, and mine were BOTH off e-bay used i paid just under 80 for each then the kit from Summit was like another 80 and a mechanic friend of mine did em but it still cost about 150 or so if you add the beer. but we didnt have the rest of the funds needed at the time for the flash or tuner so we're currently driving with a piece of paper each attached to the steering wheel showing us the conversions compaired to what the speedo really says...i know its ghetto but right now cant afford it.
  6. thanks for the replies and input guys!! :SNSign:

    i think im gonna just go ahead first with a catback exhaust...i was looking at ebay item # 8027052357. IT'S 99-04 Mustang 3.8 V6 MAC 2.5" Cat Back Dual Exhaust Sys. besides the bumper is there anything else i would need to get to get that put on the car? or can i just take it a muffler shop? and if i choose not to buy a new bumper how can i make a hole in one?
  7. To remove an emblem heat the area with a hair dryer and remove it by using monofilament fishing line in a sawing manner behind the emblem. Remove residual adhesive with WD-40 and then clean with rubbing alcohol.
  8. The catback you are looking at is mostly for show only; it doesn't elimate the restriction of the stock Y-pipe. If you are going to mod the exhaust I strongly suggest going with a true dual setup instead. A GT takeoff catback will work fine, but will require a muffler shop to fabricate a midpipe from behind your stock cats. A takeoff catback will run maybe $100, OEM hangers about $30, and muffler shop installation about $100. A GT rear bumper cover with the correct cutouts for the exhaust tips looks best in my opinion, however here's a link with some cheaper alternatives:
  9. thanks for the tips give me tp. can someone link me to where i can find a good deal on a gt takeoff catback and the needed accessories along with it?
  10. thanks for the links tp!

    u think that $180 shipped is a good deal on that exhaust? everywhere i looked people are stating that they got their for like a $100....
  11. That's high, and if you're in the right place at the right time you can sometimes find them being given away. The best deal obviously would be to find one you could pick up locally. When I had mine off, for instance, I sold the stock midpipe and catback for $20 to someone who came and picked it up. Look on the classifieds here and elsewhere, in addition to ebay.
  12. piitb free post!

    get a cai :shrug:
  13. I would go for some gears + t-lok. I think $500 should be enough.
  14. $156.80 for Motive 3.73 or 4.10 whichever
    $382.32 for a Detriot Truetrac posi differential
    $539.12 total plus shipping plus $200 install
    $800 ish, plus you would still need the ECU flashed to make sure the speedometer is right. Some places will do it for free, a small fee, or get a $400 tuner and it'll fix it and then some lol. Gears are plenty over his budget.
  15. $137 for a motive 3.73/4.10(includes shipping)
    $150 for a ford tracing t-lock(includes shipping)
    Install depends on the place but it shouldn't be more than $250.
    True, he should save up for a tuner to fix the speedometer, but he might get it for free or pay for it :(. I think he should first do his research and find out how much a shop would take to install it and to fix his speedometer.
  16. ford not bother with that. Detroit will withstand almsot anything an NA 3.8 can throw at it. t-lok will break pretty easily and quickly.
  17. I think for what he'll be doing, it should be fine. I have yet to install mine, but it should be fine. I was thinking about going with the detroit one but the price :(
  18. hey guys what will new gears and a t-lok do for the car?

    btw, the car is a automatic if that has anything to do with anything...
  19. Since it's an automatic, you might as well go with the 4.10's(unless you drive on the highway alot).

    The t-lok will make both of your tires spin, so no more one wheel burnouts. :)
    The gears will make you launching time quicker. You'll car will run at higher RMPs and it will decrease your top speed.