First mod??

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by RazorSharp, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. +1 But I don't think they're worth it.
  2. i dont either. i will still stand bye the CAI, just need to do the other mods that make it really shine
  3. As I said before, the CAI is the antichrist.
  4. It apparently was nice for me =D. But then again I do suspect anywhere from cam, to port job, to full H/C/I. But I have to fork out $480 for school until my FASFA kicks in, then I get it back in 2 weeks =\.
  5. a shop that doesnt suck will help. if you take it to a gpood shop that does custom bending they'll guide you as to what you really need. I always have my exhausts welded to avoid leaks, but i guess it isnt neccessary
  6. That's the 05-06 exhaust. Can't say it would fit on an 01 because the style is alot different. Our mufflers are closer to the center of the car, the new ones have them at the back. I'm getting my exhaust done custom once my refund comes in ($400 =D) and my old one sells after I get the parts back in.
  7. i'd call around and fins a shop that does mandrel bending, not compression. Will look alot cleaner and flow ALOT better
  8. I own one of the best intakes imho and i have a "pi" manifold etc. my K&N FIPK was the last mod i put on and in all honesty i think all i did is lose some down low power. i have a good number of bolt ons and the only time your gonna need a CAI or see real gains is after some heavy cam work. or some thing along those lines. after all the bolt ons you can buy a CAI isnt goona do jack :)nono: unless you drive a honda:nono: ). the real benifit is a good bump in MPG.:nice:
  9. Yes

    You either need a conversion kit such as this: or have a muffler shop fabricate a dual exhaust from behind your cats. that will be true no matter what true dual system you go with.

    They cut them for shipping; the muffler shop will re-weld them. It would obviously be better to not have them cut, but to install it uncut you would have to drop your rear axle.
  10. about how much would a muffler shop charge for the whole install?
  11. yes you do need the kit
  12. argggg....that kit is a extra $100 :(

    the last one had manifolds too...can i use them?

    this **** is getting expensive now
  13. Well, that has V8 manifolds, H-pipe, mufflers and tips so it wouldn't need the kit. You would need hangers for the passenger side, but they are cheap. But you do not need those manifolds, they work on V8s, not a V6, course you could ebay off the manifolds and get some money back.
  14. tmx, so basically i can buy that whole system from the guy and with the hangers just have the shop install it?

    ya sure b/c the other guy said i would need the kit?
  15. well if they cut it apart and weld it together i suppose it would work
  16. well which one is it? :shrug:

    and which one should better to go with from the last two..?