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  1. i looked closer now that i am at home and it looks good, sorry crappy laptop monitor didnt show enough detail
  2. If you have a shop do it, they can cut pieces and weld some, and it'll go on. Might cost about the same. You could get the kit and connect it all together, then have sell the H pipe and manifolds that come with it. The kit is basically an H pipe that fits V6 headers. Either way, you're looking at spending alittle more money and the manifolds wont fit.
  3. what does this mean?
  4. Mandrel bending means it is a size all the way through the exhaust including the corners, it's not crushed so the pipe never gets smaller to hurt performance.
  5. You can not use the Mach 1 H-pipe as-is, it does not match your exhaust manifolds. You can use the catback, it's the same as a GT takeoff in fitment. You will still need to have a midpipe fabricated, just like you will for any true dual exhaust setup.
  6. i much is mandrel bending? and what kind of exhausts go with it?
  7. I paid right at $500 for everything. The guy chopped the stock exhaust off after the cats, fabricated a mid pipe, and used the mangaflow cat-back system i ordered.
  8. Just remember that once you have a true dual midpipe fabricated by a muffler shop, have one of the dual exhaust conversion kits welded on, or completely change out your stock midpipe for a aftermarket V6 X-pipe, you will be able to use any aftermarket or takeoff catback that will fit a '99-'04 GT.
  9. hmm ok i c

    whats the best way i should go about doing this? or better yet if this was your car, what would do given a budget of like 1000?
  10. I personally am going to an exhaust shop to have the cut off the Y pipe after the cats and fab a mid pipe and dual exhaust with Flowmaster 40 series for $485 after taxes. Mandrel bent but I think they quoted 2.5" exhaust and I want 2.25". I suppose I'll find out when I get it heh.
  11. $485 including all parts and labor?
  12. Yeah, was quoted $485 for the entire thing, including an 8.25% tax.
  13. so u just called a shop and told them what u wanted? and they had the flowmaster right there too?
  14. Well, I went to a shop, told them what I wanted and since they do alot of Mustangs, they could tell me by looking up what it cost others. I haven't gotten the exhaust yet because I don't have money yet, but once I do, I will be getting it heh.
  15. that is just the stock exhaust you have under your car right now.. i paid a little under $400 for a shop to cut off everything after my cats, custom fab an x-pipe and weld in some 2.5" pipes and magnaflow mufflers with 3" chrome tips

    getting it custom built is cheaper than buying a take-off or other catback in most cases
  16. Yeah, that is the stock single exhaust, not upgrading, not what you want. I paid $225 for my 2.25" take off dual exhaust and $125 to install it with 3" chrome tips, plus it's all stainless steel, the shop quoted $600 for stainless fabbed up.
  17. hey where did u get that 2.25" take off for $125?
  18. Well, it was $225 on Ebay, a 2004 Mach I takeoff, but it cost another $125 to install it, cutting Y pipe and making it straight pipes. Plus there was the whole problem with the fact that Mach I takeoffs have to be tweaked slightly to work because a V6 needs the pipes angled sideways to clear the control arms, a Mach I isn't angled the right way.
  19. did you also change the rear bumper?