First mod??

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by RazorSharp, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I know the first one from the Mach I would fit your car, the 2nd I am not 100% sure about. And no, I kept the stock bumper, just hangs below. is what it looks like from right behind it.
  2. if i get the first one, what else would i need to bring to the muffler shop? and also is this a 2.25" like yours?
  3. I think it is 2.5" stainless steel. For most shops, you just bring your car and the exhaust, then they can cut and change out the Y to an H, X, or just straight mid pipes and connect it all together. You could get the exhaust hangers if you wanted, Two rear tailpipe hangers (part XR3Z-5A246-AA) and one passenger-side muffler hanger (part XR3Z-5C263-AA), or I just had the muffler shop make some hangers for me. Hangers are around $40 from a Ford dealer though, the only advantage is when the engine torques and turns alittle, the whole exhaust is buffered by the rubber insulators.
  4. The X pipe wont fit onto the headers, and it is a Cobra exhaust, Cobra's use different routings because of a different type of suspension system, so only GT, Mach I or Bullitt (which is a GT) will fit.