First Mustang Owned For Ten Days Already Needs Clutch

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  1. I just purchased a 2010 mustang GT with 27k miles on it. I have had it about ten days and clocked about 800miles of "spirited" driving but nothing too crazy. I was wondering if this is a common issue and if the previous owner really ragged on the car. Keep in mind with all this he had installed a hurst short throw shifter and have been driving manuals since I was 13 and know my way around them. I found it unusual that when i first drove the car it required the clutch to be all the way to the floor to start and was wondering if this is a safety device or was a (missed) sign of clutch wear. The dealer i purchased it from was an Acura dealer and offered no sort of warranty on it except the remaining 7 yr powertrain and I know this won't be covered. The Ford dealership I took it into quoted me 2 grand to get it fixed which seems crazy in itself but i also feel it would be stupid to install the same clutch in the vehicle and not go aftermarket with it. Any advice or insight is much appreciated as I'm pretty heartbroken that it is already in the shop.
  2. Clutches very rarely go out on the newer Mustangs. Sounds like it was either abused, or there is a problem with the throwout bearing(slave cylinder is integral to the TOB). The factory clutches are expensive on these.
  3. Don't think so....same site....4.6, 2010: $290 for 4.6 clutch/ mistake for reading the year wrong in the first place.

    Tousley Ford is totally reputable as a vendor.
  4. I checked at work, and their listing isn;t entirely accurate. What they are quoting, you have to buy the disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing/slave cylinder, and pilot bearing individually. The pressure plate does not come with the clutch disc using that listing. You can buy a clutch kit from Ford, the basic number is 7L596. I was caught out by this a few times when I started working in a Ford parts dept 6 years ago.
  5. I think it says right on the site, "includes disc".
  6. I know, but it real life it does not. I have ordered that part and it is just a pressure plate.
  7. To clarify, Ford generally sells replacement clutches in 2 ways. You either buy the pressure plate, friction disc, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing individually or you buy them all together in a kit. Generally on a warranty repair, you sell the parts individually because you are only supposed to replace what is defective, just like on a warranty AC compressor, you sell the compressor, clutch, pulley, and field individually. On customer pay jobs you sell the 7L596 kit if there is one, on some applications there isn't. On other applications you buy a pre-assembled clutch assembly like on the new Powershift automatic transmission assemblies in the Fiesta and Focus or on the GT supercar (that was an awesome sale BTW).
  8. Hi ole greg,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service. You can also check out our Ford Racing Parts. These parts come with their own warranty as well. You can also contact them at 1-800-367-3788 for more info.

  9. I'm leaning towards the previous owner abused the clutch. The age and mileage of the vehicle should be okay, clutch wear-wise, but sounds like someone didn't know what they where doing.

    Our dealer, not too long ago, replaced the clutch on a 2013 GT-500 with only 1450 miles on it!

    As stated above, the labor is where the majority of the cost accumulates. However, now might be a good time to upgrade the clutch for future mods...