First Mustang Owner In Texas

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by EverettH, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm Everett and I turned 16 yesterday. I've loved 'stangs all my life. All of my posters, wallpapers, and just about everything else I own has something to do with a mustang. Yesterday, I came home to my very first car ever and I had the privilege of claiming a stock, fairly new 2003 Mustang. An elderly woman was selling it with 50,000 original miles on it in almost flawless condition for $4,700. Nothing special to brag about. Simple V6. But I'm beyond honored to call her mine. I'll have pictures as soon as possible. I joined this forum to learn about cars (as I'm pretty uneducated about my own vehicle and I'm hoping to gain some knowledge on her), meet some nice people, and get some ideas on how to customize my own ride. I've got some money saved up to personalize her and have a car that sticks out around school without trying to make it something it isn't. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you and happy to be here!
  2. Welcome to the family & forums, a pony is a great 1st car. Work on the suspension to correct "roll center" and grip. Then
    it's safe to do other mods.
  3. Welcome aboard Everett. Sounds like a good first car. Heck even with the v6, it probably still has more power than my first Mustang I bought when I was 15... a '69 Grande coupe, and way more comfort!