First Numbers For The Boostang!

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  2. Well...that makes me curious what the "much more" in your sig means. I'm completely happy for you and your awesome numbers. I follow your posts when you contribute but I'm green with envy.

    I know you got a D1 instead of a P1. But I am making 2 more lbs of boost and about 30 less rwhp and 20 less ft/lbs of torque. GFDIt!!!!!

    Car looks great and get out there and wind that mother up. Boost is awesome. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, my friend. Awesome

  3. What size pulley are you running Matt?
  4. Very nice numbers! Let us know how that thing plants!

    I do love a good "under estimator". :chin They often reside in the lane next to you. :ninja:
  5. The “sleeper” feature is pretty much out the window. I posted a video of the idle but my phone doesn’t do a very good job at high volumes. It is LOUD! Its so loud that anything over 50ft from the rear of the car and all you hear is the blower. My tuner has tuned dozens of centri blowers, from S-trims/P1SC’s to F1-R’s And YSi’s. He said my D1 was the loudest he’s ever heard. It also hisses during accel up through about 4500. It kind of sounds like a turbo (which centri’s aren’t supposed to do). He’ also a Procharger dealer and inspected it thoroughly. He said that the bearings aren’t exactly in perfect condition but it shouldn't be an issue for a while.
    ……oh and the Big Red blowing off was louder than the O/R exhaust car was @ 6500! The BOV is LOUDER!
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  6. oh that sounds sexy...
  7. So jelly, congrats on the numbers bud!
  8. The car has been at the tuners since Thursday (I will pick it up on Monday). Today we decided to throw in some MS109 and go for a full kill race tune. I think that timing was bumped up to 18 or 19.

    It put down 462rwhp/448rwtq. Still barely saw a max of 10lbs. All through the 4R70W :D

    No video this time. My phone charge level was too low to allow recording :fuss:

    With the stall converter I am PRAYING it will hit 10’s.
  9. I've got a 3.4" pulley. Hope you hit the 10's, I might copy your recipe.
  10. Ive been through hell and back with my car. The build has officially taken a year and 4 months. There have been so many issues that I've had to overcome.

    I tried to dyno a while back (I made a thread about it) but I was slipping like a mofo. So I carbinite coated my pulley and got 1+ lb. I then decided to convert to 8-rib. Im running an 8-rib with a HUGE pulley. I saw a max of 10lbs, but my peak numbers actually came on a run seeing only 8psi.

    I had some idea about how important belt grip was, but not this bad. Im going to swap out my crank for an 18% overdrive with a carbinite-coated 3.2 pulley. I should see around 18lbs
  11. nice numbers! but if I went through the hassle of doing a built bottom end and everything id definitely want more then 421rwhp and 415rwtq. Must be nice knowing it is a nice strong engine though. I wish I had that luxury lol
  12. With it being an auto that effects the #'s for sure so its to be taken with a grain of salt. This car will lay the law down after the OP learns to handle the beast :)
  13. I had the money then and there to make the motor bomb-proof. Had I not built the motor and it ran for 2 years (for example), I didn't know if I would be able to afford a I did it while I could afford it. Now I never need to worry about the motor letting loose.
    And the car was built/designed to run just under 20psi and upwards of 600-650rwhp fuel-wise. All I need to do is pulley down, which will be happening in the near future. Theres nothing like spending $100 on a few pulleys and gaining 50-100-150rwhp.

    For sure! 420/415 through a stock 4R70W on 10lbs is not bad for a stock top-end 2V. Im also stalled so she moves the **** out for sure! All of 1st and most of 2nd are pretty much useless on my 315 Nitto NT555R DR's. I a, trying to hit the track this Friday, with some MT slicks.
  14. Curious to see what your max Hp/Tq numbers will be when you're able to turn up the boost beyond 10psi. If i recall I guessed you'd be able to put down 510 to the wheels due to the stage 3 heads and a lot of boost. I did just see "stock 4R70W" and "MT slicks" in the same paragraph, so hopefully you won't bite too hard and toast that transmission! Those transmissions are known for being pretty stout even in stock trim, but you're making some pretty good power now. Post some track vids ASAP.
  15. cant wait to see what it makes when you pulley it down!
  16. Well the minor machining on my PI heads might have something to do with that

    I was mistaken about the details on the heads. I thought that they had a stage 3 port. It turns out that its a simple stage 1 port, valve job, and no polish on the exhaust side (polish on the intake side is a no-no).....and are still the stok PI heads. They're nothing fancy. TFS heads in the future.

    I have no concerns with the tranny. Believe me when I say that Ive researched the HELL out of this. A stall does help out a bit along with the huge tranny cooler that I have.....but you've got to pretty much run it pass after pass at 550-600rwhp (and get the temps up HIGH) for failure to be a possibility.

    I cant either. Im going to OD the crank pulley first.
  17. (from a couple months ago)

    Ahem...I'm not saying, I'm just saying.....


    Don't get too confident there. Boost is only a measure of back pressure, not necessarily air flow. A stock top end 2-valve with 15 psi from a turbo only makes in the 550 rwhp range (with a GOOD turbo). And that's through a manual. Subtract the 50-75 horsepower it takes to drive a supercharger at the same power levels, and I doubt it'll make it to 500 on the tires. The short duration of the stock cams really holds it back. And the plastic intake will start breaking in the 14-15 psi range.

    Putting the converter up on the stall while at a low speed (like on a launch at the track) generates a LOT of heat VERY fast, even with a good cooler. Be careful.

    Also, you still have a single disk converter? Typically, a single disk converter will be weaker than the transmission itself. So if you still have one, be careful with how your tune is locking it up at WOT.
  18. Ok Sneaky hereby receives 100 Nightfire points (although that was on race gas) :rlaugh:
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  19. Just a little update.

    I finally got around to asking my tuner for a pic of the dyno graph (since my dumbass left before getting one myself). He sent me one. I wanted to confirm that a max of 10lbs was made. He said he couldn't remember off-hand and would go back and check is logs. He message me back and said no, it only saw a tad over 8lbs, not 10. Here's the graph:

    420/415 @ 8lbs.....through an a 6500ft DA. Time OD the crank and pulley down :cool:


    Any idea why the graph looks so odd? :scratch: