Engine First performance mod on 07 V6 mustang

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  1. I just purchased a 2007 Ford Mustang Premium a few days ago. I dont know much about mustangs, and I want better performance. What do you all suggest? Under 500 please :D
  2. For that price tag you are kind of limited. I would start with a hi-flow exhaust system and a cold air intake system. You will see gains in both hp and fuel milage. After that I would recommend a tuner. I had a trinity on mine and from stock to a full out performance tune the car was a different animal completely. Better throttle responce, hp and tq gains were very noticeable but the trinity is like 600 or was when I got it. There are others out there for cheaper, I went with the trinity because I wanted the live monitoring capability.
  3. Why didn't you buy a V8?
  4. Dual exhaust kit, let that thing breathe!
  5. Its the premium so I allready have a catback exhaust on it. She sounds mean!!
  6. Gears. Rear gears can make the biggest single improvement in seat of the pants performance short of a forced induction setup. You'll e close on price, but I'd do that first. Then work your suspension to get best advantage of the power you make.

    The others suggesting exhaust aren't referring to car back. The biggest restriction in your ehaust is the places where you're necked down to a single. For best exhaust flow, you want duals aqll the way back, with a good x pipe. Cat backs only effect sound, do very Lytle for flow.

    I don't know enough of the 4.0 to know what it's restrictions/weaknesses are, but I can assure you that a gear swap will give you the most noticeable performance improvement for that kind of money.
  7. What Husky said + a traction lock.

    Most exhaust upgrades for the V6s are worth nothing. There are a handful at best, that show a real gain and those are coupled with digital tuning and dyno time.