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Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Uncle Meat, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. First post in the "Tech" area! :banana:

  2. 3rd :lol:

    and my first post after the crash.

    how long do you guys think till the first StangNet member gets a GT 500?
  3. Have 1500 miles on a 2005 Mustang GT and am ready to sell for a GT500

    I'll be the first - you guys can count on it !!!
  4. My names on a list I tell you that. :)
  5. I wonder how many others did the powerlease? These should be the first people to get the GT500...

  6. I just purchased a pre-production version... :D
  7. what's a power lease? i was at the auto show yesterday and the guy was talkin about the car saying it would be between 40-45k plus dealer mark ups, which means i can never afford it.
  8. A "power lease" was a nifty marketing device that has allowed SVT enthusiasts to lease a current (2004) SVT product and then be among the first on the list to buy/lease the next generation of SVT vehicles.

    More info below:
  9. How do you find a 2004 Cobra, I have not seen any on lots. :D
  10. Boy that 40K-45K just kills me, it's one of the two reasons I bought my '04 Cobra. The other was I wasn't sure back then if they were actually gonna build the '07 but I was wrong on that one. Now the thing that makes it even harder is my wife gives me the o.k. to get one, it would have been alot easier if she just said no way in heck.

  11. I told you that 5 months ago... :nice:
  12. You told me what 5 months ago? That you got suckered into buying a FAKE SHELBY COBRA???? Lay off or we'll ban your ass again.

  13. No! I told about the new 2007 SVT Shelby and you start to laugh... Now it's my turn :rlaugh:

    Ban me again and I crash your site again... That's a deal??? :nice:
  14. Not very smart to threaten the site like that. It's a sure way to draw the WRONG type of attention to yourself. :nonono:

    Additionally Mr. CarrollShelby, I NEVER disputed ANY of your posts about the rumored and forthcoming '07 Shelby Cobra. Do a search and find one place where I stated differently. The only thing I have disputed with you is the legitimacy of your '04 Shelby Cobra.

  15. You didn't crash it in the first place stupid ass.
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