1. This place sucks
  2. you're all over the place:
    -test/feedback area
  3. <----------- should be an admin.
  4. ok Mutag :rlaugh:
  5. I'm human, I make mistakes. :shrug:

    And I love Mustangs too.
  6. Let me start off with a nice ricer story, or bash ya'll's cars...jesus this sucks...if its going to stay, i hope it doesnt turn into 5.0 Talk.
  7. :scratch: You don't have a 5 oh?
  8. yes he does.....he has a 94.........there is another forum called 5.0 talk where it consists of a lot of ricer crap/trash talking/immature crap

    why are you even here :shrug:
  9. Dude, I know :rolleyes: Sarcasm maybe?:D

    You don't want me here? :(
  10. i'm sick of looking at your avatar :rlaugh:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Here stop crying and look at the nice work on mine :D This forum section is gay! I feel like I should be saying hello and making small talk. Much rather be in the tech section like it was. Wonder if they'll start banning people who talk in the tech section :rolleyes:
  13. Mmmmm, nice one :nice:
  14. I'll give it a try....i could really care less :nonono:
  15. So suicidal tonight...go to sleep

  16. No, not suicide! We are an army!!! :flag: :canada: We will all go there. We will all fight! We will win!!! Til' we get banned....

    Like said before, though, who cares...... who else will join us on this mission???
  17. Dude, you been here for like a month. :scratch:
  18. this just doesnt feel right...**** the mods

  19. this is why we dont need a 94 talk...**** like this going on.