1. yep....all sorts of random people are going to come in and BS
  2. I like how lighthearted it was before. Now all the screaming and petty BS starts! **** IT!!!
  3. Try 3 f***ing years!!! That's alot longer than you, my friend. When the server crashed, my account was deleted. I had to register all over again. I did, because I liked this place. I'm starting to think I made a bad decision......
  4. 3 years? I thought only accounts created after January were deleted :shrug:
  5. Me too last year when the server crashed. I've been here for 5 years. :mad:

    j/k You take this chit a bit too seriously my friend.
  6. Oh, and for record, remember the floating pistons avatar.... that was me!!!

    Wait, you wouldn't know cause you don't exactly belong here.... sorry.
  7. :nonono: Racism

    I hope one day you see
  8. Cmon guys relax...this is not 5.0 talk you know..:nonono:
  9. Ah, people just venting :rolleyes:

  10. Sorry, guess I stooped.... but I just wanna do my part in the fight even though you might be against it. I felt like I was flamed...okay that I can deal with that.... but not by someone who I've never seen here.... and then they claim I'm the noob. Some just don't realize.... especially the important ones.
  11. :stupid:
  12. I remember the floating pistons avitar. Did you get rid of your old account and then create this one?
  13. Aight, I was cool. People like you are gonna run us all off. I leave it at that. So many of us are in/on our final days of Stangnet if this keeps up. Why are you here anyway? Is it your purpose???.... to make us find a better site? I have better things to do than this, so I don't know why I bother. I'm gonna just let you stay here to see yourself reply with more idiotic posts....

  14. No.... for some reason the site wouldn't let me log back in after the crash.... so I had to create a new account.
  15. Vib couldn't hook you up?
  16. :banana:

  17. I don't guess.... I complained for like a week... to no avail. So, I just assumed it was up to me to start over. My post counts were lost. It would have been nice to get those back... but i don't guess it really matters. I don't care for them.... I just hate it when others judge you because yours is low.
  18. I know man. People can be so ignorant and close minded. :nonono:
  19. I feel you on that but I feel the most for people that don't their questions answered because they are noobs.
  20. AMEN to that.