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  1. Hey what's up guys I just purchased a 87 Gt Auto and I'm pretty excited, this is my first Ford and I'm ready to get started! I know I will need help along the way so I signed up here finally (been browsing through here for awhile now) now that I'm official. Okay so before I can pass smog (California) :mad: I need to reset my timing to stock (was waaaay too advanced) and fix a broken AC vacuum line. Now on a cold first start she fires up great then immediately drops to about 700 and almost stalls out before the idle starts to surge up and down between 800 and maybe 1100. Runs pretty good after that but I know something isn't right. I played with the distributor a little by ear and got it sounding smoother but I don't have a light so i know its not accurate. I noticed the spout connector is missing and I'm thinking now how long has that been off??! Just bought the car about a week ago so I know it was missing before I became her lucky new owner. Is that really bad? Next step is to dump codes once I get a good reader (any recommendation's??) I wanna fix whatever I can myself and I'm starting my automotive classes at my community college so hopefully I'll have access to the tools I need. I really want to know what else I should look for or things I can do now to get her back to a good driving state. This is my first mustang but it feels slower than expected..I did beat a 70 nova on the way home however!:cool: any way thanks in advance to anyone who responds haha! I'll post pictures. Let me know what you guys think about the flame paint job. Wasn't a fan at first but I must admit they grew on me. And there not badly done for once! I dunno keep em, paint em black or lose em lemme know! py7unu2a.jpg 3enerete.jpg abeba9az.jpg 5e4a6yty.jpg zesu6epu.jpg aga5uva9.jpg
  2. Any one know a better forum??
  3. You definitely need the spout. Id source one of those before I went any further. Next, get a timing light so you can do better than guess. Then post back up about what it's doing and we'll go from there.
  4. I have an extra spout. PM me your address and I will send it off FREE!
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  5. Not gotta get a lot of help asking for a better forum and might even piss peeps off. Thats like walking into a (insert steak house here ) and asking them if they know where a real steak house is.

    You could try the search function as well. Does wonders. I agree with the above. Replace the plug, set timing appropriately not guessing. You're on the right track with Running your codes too see what you can get from that. I would also run jrichters surging idle checklist. Just search surging idle and it'll pop up. Good luck welcome to stangnet.
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  6. no better forum exists
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  7. Yeah my fault Im just over anxious with what my next moves should be planning out this build. I don't want to another one of "those guys" however posting randomly only when something goes wrong haha. I'm here to learn as much as I can and I appreciate any and all help guys thank you
  8. Bullitt347 do you really have an extra? I've checked out the surging checklist before but soon as I discovered the missing spout and timing error I figure I'll correct those first and go from there. Still wanna know what you guys think about the paint job haha. I get mixed opinions but my girlfriend likes them and maybe for that reason it's growing on me haha. Just gotta get her going strong to back it up
  9. [Update]
    Had a bad oil leak.. Found a small hole in the front of the pan. Got it welded and leaks no more from there. But now I'm seeing a small puddle coming from the back of the motor. Not sure if it's rear seal or valve covers and it's just dripping all the way down. Is there anywhere I can get replacement vacuum lines? I need to fix the AC vacuum line before I can pass smog! Owning a muscle car makes me want to move out of this state! As if it wasn't bad enough we can't own most guns legally!
  10. Any auto parts house will have vacuum lines
  11. Is there suppose to be a hole on top of my TPS?? mu6epuvy.jpg
  12. @PreRolled_Exotics
    Looks like your TPS is missing it black plastic cover on top. Sucks your in Cali, I used to live in San Diego and I hate their snooty smog policies. Where I live vehicles 25 years and older no longer need smog which means my 88' is good to go!

    California royally pist me off when they started their "smog abatement fee" of $20 or so. They're so damned greedy they had to charge people a fee for not having to smog their vehicle when it wasn't required, how effing insane is that!!!! I'm so happy I don't live there anymore. Oh and lots of guns where I live :uzi:
  13. Never seen one with holes in it. Have you pulled codes yet?
  14. No I can't get a code reader for another two weeks when I get paid again. Looked into doing it the old fashioned way but I need a digital volt meter I believe because it's a 87 so I can't use the CEL. I figure I might as well just wait and get the code reader to make things easier in the future. Get the timing light at the same time because local shop wants $60 just to put the light on it. I can do that myself and buy drinks after haha. So do I need another TPS? Started her up today and she started with rpms at about 1200 then about 20 seconds later dropped so fast down to 700 almost stalled out (like always) then searched for the sweet spot at just under 1000 and sat nicely but after warning up some she started feeling a little rough like unbalanced.. I don't know I just need too fix timing get the spout back on dump codes and go from there I guess. Just a matter of time now... Anyways been looking into a 5 speed swap. But man $$$$$$ is it even worth the time and labor? I'd rather pull the motor and rebuild for that kind of money for a tranny swap kit. And people on craigslist don't always have everything needed like said
  15. It seems like the engine wants to adjust itself... But I have no spout so how is that possible. The car can drive around without dying I'm just not doing so until I know nothing is hurt and I won't hurt anything. I hear ticking now... I'm thinking valve train... It's not loud but I don't like it. Gets quieter with RPM increase.. Any hints??
  16. You dont need a voltmeter or code reader. Just a cheap test light works. Look up jrichter' surging idle list and I think he lists on there on how to do it with a test light. Very simple.
  17. How much are test lights!?
  18. Okay I'm no rocket scientist but these look like bad valve gaskets.. Or just an old engine?? I'm getting a small puddle under my oil pan. Right under the drain bolt. I'm going to make sure its tight but I'm thinking oil is leaking from either the valve gaskets or the real main seal?? Maybe even both for all I know FML. What can I do? 7u2edanu.jpg upu9yse6.jpg y7ejehu6.jpg ga6asy6e.jpg utuhany7.jpg
  19. Test lights are dirt cheap at any auto parts house.

    So are valve cover gaskets
  20. Cheapest I saw was $10 at auto zone. Can you recommend one that will work or does it not matter? The one I saw had the light inside the handle