First project from 64050

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  1. Ok so this is the stang I traded my zx-10 for back in november. This is the first set of pictures I have, I havnt done anything but work on the inside. I did need to replace the alternator an my need to do some more work under the hood, BUT she runs again...

    So anyways the dash was gray - now black and LIME green
    I will post pictures of carpet, it was gray - now black

    Thanks for looking
  2. Yes the car is orange, that will change!!!!
  3. looks good, what are your plans for her?
  4. I dont really know, I just know I dont want it orange. I want to do all black seats from a SN95 but that all I knoe for sure I wanna do.
    I am making my own custom gauges that I am working on putting together right now....
    I will be making my own headliner and door panles as well
  5. How do I upload more pictures?
  6. Here is the picture of the inside

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  7. sweet! I ctually really do like the interior. are you going for mostly appearance at this point? no performance mods?
  8. There was alot of crap I dont understand on the car when I got it.
    BBK upper/lower intake
    BBK cold air
    BBK shorty headers - I dont like them I want long tubes
    like a 75mm air mass flow - dont know what the hell that is
    aluminum drive shaft
    373 gears
    24LBS injet
    3 something aluminum rad
    underdrive pullies - want stock
    flowmaster dual chamber w/ 45 turn downs before the axel
    E303 cam

    and someother stuff im sure im missing

    Im looking to pick up this short block and a long block for 150.00
    I will work on a 331 strocker if I do anything
  9. yes right now its just looks an making sure it stays running
  10. that's awesome, you've got a pretty good start with engine mods there! keep us updated on the car!