First Road Test 2010 GT500 (Motor Trend Article)

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  1. :hail2: 0.96g lateral grip on MY.

    I was worried MT would pick it apart, but hot damn that's a fine vehicle.

    Quickly, someone pass me shots until this car being a DD sounds reasonable, almost necessary.
  2. 0-60 mph 4.7 sec*
    Quarter mile 12.7 sec @ 118.1 mph*
    Traction limited by low ambient and track temperatures.

    of course they had to do it at the worst time possible for traction
  3. haha, it should read - "traction limited due to lack of driving skill"

    118 is a healthy trap speed, should see high 11's out of them without much trouble.
  4. mototrend : blah

    :notnice: I must say motortrend comended the gt500 on its balance, performance and appearance but they can not drive for crap! please go to inside line for there first test drive!!! 0-60 in 4 to 4.3 seconds and 1/4 mile at 12.4 these guys actually put out the numbers ford said it would! i know there were weather factors for there test drive but they cant drive either so check it out if you want the real numbers.
  5. 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 Follow-Up Test and Video on Inside Line

    heres the link
  6. I like this quote from the article in post #7:

  7. Yeah i don't understand including the Camaro SS with the GT500 and Challenger SRT-8 when it is not sold as a comparable car to either. I think the Challenger SRT-8 is hitting around $43K MSRP, while the GT500 will be around $48K and the Camaro SS is $31. What the article does show is that Dodge really needs to look at their SRT brand and start making them competitive or they will be left behind. The Camaro Z28 may possibly make its way out and supposedly is the performance halo of the Camaro lineup, but we'll see if GM is even around.

    Either way the GT500 is beautiful in every way!
  8. I should have known they would have to eventually improve on the GT500. I should have known it would be when I could have saved, passed on the '06 GT and had that baby.

    But nooooooo.....had to have it now.

    I'm jealous of my buddy getting one in a few weeks (or days maybe)
  9. motortrend

    Thanx kyle99GT for posting the link!!! guh motortrend frustrates me.