First Shelby GT500 Casualty.......

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Gearbanger 101, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Man, news of this accident is everywhere .... should get it's on blog and report from FOX news or something.:rlaugh:
  2. Would it be inappropriate for me to call dibs on the motor if the car is totaled?
  3. Looks like some Ford on Ford fratricide
  4. anyone who pays 20k over sticker can't be that bright to start with!
  5. There goes our insurance rates again:eek: :jaw: :nonono:
  6. Talk about a way to end a weekend, in the bodyshop
  7. I'd still rock it :)
  8. That's a sad sight to see.... :(
  9. I would prolly cry

    that has to suck:nonono:
  10. Yikes. I'll bet/hope it's totaled. I would ask the paramedics for something to slit my wrists with if that was mine and the insurance company wanted to fix it.
  11. [​IMG] Poor Shelby...
  12. It definitely wont be the last. There will be a lot of people out there who crash this thing. 500hp can get you in trouble real fast, even with experience. A shelby just begs to be shown off too, which will lead to quite a few bumps and scrapes.
  13. Dont know if that will be fixed or not. Looks like the passenger fender is tweaked too.

    My favorite color combo too. :(
  14. Awh man.. can't you see..its suffering... put a bullet through th engine block, like any other pony....
  15. Lets hope the driver signed the back of his licence.....maybe it's vital organs will go to some needy Mustanger. :D
  16. Is it just me...or does it look like that Ford truck hopped into oncoming traffic just to total a rich guy's Shelby? Truck prolly still runs fine too, doesn't look like it rook a beating at all!

    EDIT: And is that a dealer logo I spy on the Shelby's rear? RIGHT on the stripe! This guy probably didn't even know what he was driving.
  17. I hate dealer stickers. If i paid that much for a car i would take it off right in front of the sales guy and leave it crumbled up in the parking lot.