First Time At The Track After Gt40p's

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  1. Just went to the track which unfortunately was ridiculously busy being it's the first decent weather they've had for a test n' tune event. Spent 5 hours there got in 2 runs... lots of waiting but got to see some nice rides. The first run I spun bad, but the 2nd I hooked ok and went 13.82 @102.3 with 2.08 60ft

    That's with:
    GT40p heads
    Explorer intake
    Stock Cam
    73mm mass air
    FRPP headers, Offroad H, Flowmasters
    Stock 3:08s
    Street 245 tires
    Full tank (this might have helped more than hurt) of 87 with 12* timing

    Does that seem normal or do I need a driver mod ? I know "I need to get gears", but other than that is this alright ?
  2. My opinion, and that is all it is..I think you did just fine. You are correct, you need gear for one. You also need some tires or slicks. You need to be able to leave hard at a higher RPM if you want to get your 60 ft down some and return a better ET. Less fuel in the tank ( I hear ya on it may have helped with the tires you had), and by all means some octane and 14 degrees timing at least with the spout connector out.
  3. Cool, I think I did alright too. I just need to check because it seems like everyone on the 'net is running 12's with their P combos... but I know it's in the details and gears and slicks seem to be key. Looking at my video afterwards it's clear I grannied the 1-2 shift a bit too much.

    As for timing, the last few days I've played around, and from 10-18 initial I can barely tell any difference one way or the other. I did my 2 runs at 12*, and I bumped it to 14 and put some octane booster in the tank after I got back in line for the next run... but then an RX-7 blew up their differential all over the track so I called it a day.
  4. Ha Ha.. Ditch the octane booster and spring for some 94 octane at least and the guys running 12's are leaving hard. Rev, hook, shift. And you won't feel a couple degrees timing but it will make power. Drag radials work too. You don't need slicks, just good drag radials. Keep working on it.
  5. your MPH is indicative of a lower ET. Get some slicks or DR and you wil see those times drop.
  6. Yes... :rlaugh: Everyone on the internet IS running 12s with P heads. They all make 400-ish HP and can shoot the eye balls out of a buck in a flat run from 400 yards.
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  7. Oh you forgot the mighty B cam...can't make 400 without that!!:banana:
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  8. Gears and more timing and there will be a big difference.
  9. You did good for the gearing. There probably aren't a lot of 3.08 geared GT40 guys in the 12s.

    Keep in mind this is your first time out. I've seen cars drop .5-.7 in their track times with just small tweaks and learning the car.
  10. With the almighty B cam I see easy 9's and 30MPG.
  11. I really see no reason to ruin this thread with bull-crap B cam and other useless unicorn nonsense.
    It's been happening in just about every thread I've looked at recently.
    If you have nothing relevant to offer, then go in peace.

    The notches are very light out back and a full tank is good, at least in my experience with stock suspension. At the end of my quest for 12's I was running a full tank of gas and the spare/jack in their stock location.
    I think you've done a good job for the street tires and 3.08's, especially with all of 2 runs under your belt. Congrats.
    Bumping the timing was a good free mod with the E7 heads, but with the P heads better efficiency/cleaner flow... well, I have no experience but credible information is out there if you take a look around.

    I'm not sure what your goals are for the car so I'll simply end with 2 things.
    1. I think with the 102.mph there is likely ET to be had simply by cleaning up the shifts and playing with the shift points without spending money.
    2. The guys running 12's on P head combo's have a good stack of time slips in the glove box, and are not running regular radials and 3.08's.

    So, for the short version of this, go back and re-read 25thmustang's post...
  12. I am probably as guilty as the next guy of said interactions. True to some extent. I'll be mindful of my posts, however a slip of humor in our recreational lives is healthy too.
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  13. You have been feisty as of late! What gives? lol

    Sorry Mister Grumpy Pants...

    To the OP, Nice work! As the others have said, more seat time, some sticky tires and a set of gears will have you well on your way to better ET's.
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  14. You running for some sort of political office? ( I refrain from bringing doritos into this thread )
  15. I had some sleep.

  16. problem found
  17. There is always that one guy with a turbo in his posts.
  18. Since when are 3.08's stock gears? I thought 2.73 were stock? Anyways, what are your rpm's toward then end of your run? This will tell you how much gearing you may need to play with. I just yanked my 3.08s out and replaced with 3.73. I just like how 3.73 gears are when on the street, no track time yet for me.

    My advice if ET's are important to you on a budget is:
    get a spare set of rims and put some sticky tires on them
    and then get a 150 shot
    Practice your launches. Safest place to do this is in front of a police station when the "Hot n Ready" sign is on at Krispy Kremes, Then say hello to 12's.
    From there if you feel your RPMs aren't where they should be in 4th gear at the end of the track then dial in your gear ratio.
  19. 308's were a factory option in 5-speed Fox's. My '90 had them as well.

    12's with 150-shot!?!' :scratch:
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  20. before you start spending money on gears and slicks, get your driving skills in order with the new combination. i am betting that you can cut a 1/2 second off the times you posted by adjusting your driving style. that alone would put you in the low thirteens for virtually no money spent. gears and slicks will only get you 1/2 second at best and for the cost of about $1200 when all is said and done.

    if you want to crack the 12s, you need to be on top of your game driving wise anyway.