First Time At The Track After Gt40p's

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  1. Yes, 12's w/ a 150 shot assuming the OP is new to drag racing and isn't going to get much better anytime soon when only getting 2 runs in on a 5 hour window. Also when adding NOS for the first time you need to learn how and when to use it. You can have a fast car but it's only as fast as the driver.

    Heck when i was new to drag racing I'd be a little nervous/excited and had so much adrenaline going through me that my legs would start shaking just a little bit and it messed me up. Took me several races before I calmed down a little bit but i'd still get butterflies from time to time.
  2. Considering the OP was able to run high-13's on his first ever attempt at the track on his bolt on GT40 top end, skipping right past the 12's and into the 11's should be cake for him with an additional 150hp/tq on tap....nervous or not.
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  3. i dont agree with waiting to do any of it... you'll end up driving it different with slicks/radials and gears over street tires in the end. i roll into the gas much slower back when i had street tires vs the foot to the floor and never lift like i do on slicks/radials
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  11. True ! I'm not necessarily looking to hit 12's, I'm basically just asking if this seems normal. It's not my first time at a track, I've probably run a total of 15-20 runs on previous mustangs, but first time with this car so I'm trying to figure out if this combo is dialed or if I'm leaving alot on the table. Sounds like there maybe a few tenths left in it which I figured but need better tires/gears to get where the gt40 are 'supposed' to be, at least according to some people.

    I like the way the 3.08s drive, I was up around 5K I think at the end of the run so I suppose I could use SOME gear but not that much. I'm really looking to keep this car street, would be nice to get some low 13s next time at the track, so i'm thinking just some better street tires (these ones are pretty cheap and not alot of tread left), and try to squeeze a few extra ponies somewhere, and hammer the T5 a little harder especially after 2nd. I was sort of on the edge between power shifting 1-2 but also not wanting to bust loose like I did on my first run so I held back a little. But overall yeah my goal is just to get the best times possible, while keeping it in 100% street trim.
  12. Keep the gear in mind when you swap your tires out. A taller tire will kill the 60 ft with your gear. If you wanna keep the gear thats ok, figure it into the tire size equation if you want to have lower 60 ft times. Anything that hooks will be an improvement though.
  13. but he has to gain experience driving the car, and knowing how it feels at the track under acceleration. and while that will change when he changes gears, and tires, he will still have a feel for the car for when it starts to break traction, and if he can pedal a car with street tires well, think how much better he will be with slicks.

    in the end he has got to learn the car, or any money he spends on gears and tires will be a waste.
  14. goes back to what i said in my post... 2 different styles of driving. street tires is like driving on the street... not going to pull hard down low or throw you in the seat. first pass i ever made on slicks/ radials was WAY different then anything before that. putting the time into to learning how to drive the car on 3.08's and street tires in honestly pointless. its never going to have the same feel as when you drop the clutch on slicks or radials. hell even how i sit in the car on slicks/ radials is different from how i would sit in the car on street tires.

    in the end he does need to learn to drive it... just not worth the time on street tires.
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  15. I get what you're saying here... but really I'm interested in keeping it 'street' and just getting my best time possible with the same combo that I can drive "daily" (i drive it pretty rarely but you know what I mean).