First Time At The Track After Gt40p's

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  1. you would have no issues with a set of 3.73's and drag radials to drive every day. granted the more streetable drag radials wont have the same effect as driving on slicks but will be tons better than street tires
  2. I'd bet with that combo that the drag radials would hook it right up too. And I have a 3.73 in mine and I feel it is very streetable. If it was my daily and I was a commuter I MAY go with a 3.55.
  3. I agree, add drag radials and 3:73's and you should be running low 12's the next time out.

    When I bought my 94GT from Ford in 1994 on the way home I drove it to Steeda and had gears installed. After I left Steeda still on the way home got the windows tinted. I wasn't done on day one because while I was a Steeda I bought a Pro5.0 shifter, K&N filter and finally made home and installed that with a timing bump. It was a great day.

    A few days later I ran it at the track and ran like 15's spinning all the way down the track. A few weeks later I dialed it in with the stock Firestones and I ran 14.44 @94MPH. I borrowed some slicks a few weeks later and ran [email protected]. Blew out the stock clutch on the 4th run.

    Later I went crazy with heads, cam, intake, Vortech S-Trim blower.
  4. Dave, if you have an opportunity to drive a car with 3.73's or 4.10's I would suggest you do. I've had 3.08's, 3.73's and 4.10's in stock motor making 232hp and running 13.0's and 12.9's.
    Anyway, If I am totally honest, for all around driving I really liked the 3.73's but loved the 4.10's around town and at the track.
    I am currently going to be going to 4.56's, but the car is for sunny Sundays and track outings now.

    I really don't think you would be displeased with 3.73's. I actually think once you had them for a few days you would not want to go back to 3.08's.
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    granted i shouldnt say that... i backed down from doing 4.30's just cuz i didnt think i had the RPM to run it out the back with out hitting the limiter
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  6. and, I should note that the 4.56's are due to the fact the car with solid roller cam now likes 7000rpm.
    I would not look for those gears with stock cam GT40's being primarly a street vehicle
  7. I agree, if tracks times aren't something your really after, no need to bolt on slicks. Keep your tires, get to the track a few more times and change some driving each pass. Change shift RPM, launch technique, tire pressure, etc... I think you would be surprised how much time you can knock off with more seat time.