First time at the track, how'd I do?

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  1. UTI had a drag day at Maple Grove here in PA, and I got to run for $10 and I had nothing else to do, so I went and made my first runs with this car.

    1st: Launched at 2,000rpm, .351 R/T, 2.306 60ft. ET 14.190 @ 99.82mph

    2nd: Launched at 3,000rpm, .563 R/T, 2.328 60ft. ET 14.108 @ 99.01mph

    3rd: Launched at 2,000rpm, .487 R/T, 2.263 60ft. ET 14.043 @ 99.80mph

    The second run I probably could have done alot better, but I spun really bad on the start. I dont know if I should be happy with what I ran, or if I could have done alot better. Tires are stock size 245/45/17's with BFG KDW's. Only mods are bassani catted X, flowmaster CB, and K&N drop in.
  2. 2.3 60's arent good. youd be in the high 13's if you could get them down. try launching at idle.
  3. Yeah I know they were terrible. Next time I'll mess around and see what works best launching. It kinda sucked though because we only got 2 time trials before eliminations, and I couldnt vary my technique too much or I would be able to do a good dial in.

    Dont think my tires are helping a whole lot either. They handle great, but the sidewalls are ALOT stiffer than my old ones, which didnt corner as well but they didnt spin as much.
  4. I have always heard that .1 in the 60 is worth .2 on the big end. thats has not always held true for me.. but close. think if you pulled a 2.00 sixty even being generous that 13.65 or so. Tires and practice.
  5. yeah you got to get those 60's down to atleast a 2.0-2.1 and you will have 13's with good air.
  6. I wish man I wish. 3 runs isnt a whole lot to experiment with, especially when the 3rd was eliminations. Maybe next time will be a test and tune whenever I go. My last run I did drop a tenth in my 60ft, I just need the experience.

    What seems to be the best technique for launching a near stock 99-04 anyway? Lower or higher rpm? I let the clutch out fast, but I didnt really dump it. If I could get it to hook up good off the line I would be 13's easy, but I either left the hole slow or spinning real bad.
  7. You gotta kinda ride the clutch out, the best way I have ever heard it described is "pretend your learning to drive a standard all over again, remeber how you use to ride the clutch so hard your dad would tell ya EASE UP your gonna smoke the damn clutch... thats about what ya gotta do" ROFL!!1

    old man told me that,.. he was right lol:D