First time at the track!

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  1. Just got home from IRP! I made my first pass, then they told me I needed a helmet, so a nice guy in a black cobra vert let me borrow his for the next run, but by the time I was finished with the second, it was way to busy to have to wait again to borrow somebodies helmet... I GOTTA BUY ME A HELMET!


    My first run was just that ~ my first run EVER! So I was pretty happy, though my 60ft sorta sucked. Both first and second runs I spun halfway through 2nd, 3rd, and barked hard when going into 4th... :bang: I figure I need me some nice wide drag radials to replace the skinny 245 GSd3's back there now! :flag: Second run was against a z28, I'm not sure if he shut down/let off early, or if I just pulled on him...I hope pulled on him lol :D

    I'm pretty happy with my times, especially seeing as I have 350/575lb f/r springs - and everything setup for autocross. Perhaps some softer springs will go well with those new tires...
  2. Great job just keep driving it. It takes practice. Instead of using drag radials just practice and don't remove weight from the rear. It helps me to race with a full tank. The weakest link always breaks first.
  3. Eh? I was already slipping it out, and I was breaking traction while upshifting too (second run was better off the line but spun WAY more shifting). Skinny tires + ~370hp = spinnies! i'm really happy though, NO wheel hop at all with the IRS, was really happy :D

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  4. Great times :nice: . Glad you had fun! I can't believe they let you run even one run with that blower under there. Now your addicted like the rest of us :D .
  5. Super addicted! I've been giong to watch the races since I was a kid, and my dads friend works in the tower at IRP (actually his friends family used to own a 1/8mile track in Bunkerhill, Indiana), so I've gotten to go up there during the MAC Tools US Nationals :) It's so much fun getting out there and seeing what she can do!

    And yeah, the tech guy thought my car was stock...cause it looks pretty he didn't even check under the hood LOL :flag:
  6. Yea it takes a lot of practice keep trying....I still cant drive good at the track and my car isnt that fast but I have a lot of fun.
  7. nice times.. keep on practicing and get some sticky tires and it'll be gettin on down there! And hell yeah it's addicting :D :D
  8. Heh thanks guys!

    So whats the best and widest drag radial I can fit on 17x8's?? :D
  9. I'd say 275/40/17s would be the widest I'd try. Nitto's will last longest but wont bite as hard, BFG's will bite harder but wont last as long as the nittos, and MT E/T Streets will hook the best and wont last as long as the others. The BFGs are a good middle man, I'd start there.
  10. Awesome, thats pretty much what I gathered from talking to people at the track today:nice:

  11. WOW they did not even check under the hood.. No way that would ever happen at the track I run at (NED) they check everything at my track. it's not even enough to show them a helmet on my high 13 second car.. they want to see the dot numbers on it.
  12. Yeah, the guy seemed really lazy...there was some full out drag trans am infront of me, and from the rear I could see a buncha junk, but all they did was lift the hood off for like 10 seconds and put it back on. Then the guy behind me in a corvair just had to pop his trunk to make sure he was still running rear engine. Later the Kenny Brown Kermit showed up, apparently with the guy who bought it when it was on eBay, and he didn't seem to have to much trouble passing tech (even though it is a full on track car with a bunch of experimental parts lol). I think the only car I saw that spent more than 30 seconds at the tech booth was the alcohol dragster some guy rolled out of his trailer :lol:
  13. Got some vids!

    My girlfriend filmed my runs (THANKS KID! :D) ~ Checkout the video, it's a bit big at 5.61mb, you can get it on Putfile or on my site below:

    Click here to watch FirstRaces ~ First drag runs!

    If you listen you can hear that I have absolutely no traction in first (and I was easing it out), and in the second run you can actually hear me lose traction going into second, and even third, then by the time I'm in fourth i'm too far away to hear over the other cars heh.
  14. WOW, nice times man! Very good trap too :nice: . You defenatly trapped better than I thought you would @ 370RWHP :)
  15. One thing I am wondering why is there some pubic hair on your timeslip ? :D
  16. lmao :p wool sweater I swear! :SNSign:

    I still can't decide...Nittos, BFG's, or MT's. I'll prolly go wit the BFG's...
  17. What tires do you have now that you needed to burn out in the waterbox with? :shrug:
  18. GSD3's, and if you look carefully I'm only barely rolling into it to a tiny bit. Plus there wasn't much fresh water sprayed down. Also, with the way it's setup the track guys were pretty much making everyone who was doing a burnout go through the water. Plus no reason not to, just helps break traction a bit...
  19. Wow, I was looking at your 1/8 mile trap, and it was exactly what I was doing this weekend at full weight in houston! So it looks like past the 1/8 the SC really lets you pull...SCs like load. I raced some 05 saleen (believe to be supercharged)...I was right with him up to the 1/8 mile....but then he just started driving away lol :nonono:

    BTW I was only doing mid-high 106s this weekend in the 1/4. Best 1/8 is a 86.X.
  20. Very nice times Kenny. I can't wait to get mine! What numbers are you putting down?

    And yea Hot, especially with the Vortechs. They love the top end of the rpms and that's where power comes. Yea, a Kenne will spank you street light to street light, but take it to the track (and that is the ONLY place it SHOULD be taken :nice:) and you have got yourself a race!