First-time Ford Owner, '05 Stang

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by McDoosh, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys (and gals)! Rob from Dayton, OH... I'm a machinist by trade.

    Got the exciting news that I will soon be given a 2005 Mustang from a family member. I'm really anxious to sink my teeth into it. Haven't been up there to see it firsthand, but I do know that it's the standard light blue color w/ the two silver stripes, and that it's a V6 automatic. I hope to change both of those facts, but this will be my first engine/tranny swap, plus it's my first Ford. I have A LOT to learn about Ford engines (and engines in general) in the meantime.

    I was originally thinking about throwing a 302 Windsor in there with a 5-speed. I'll be digging into the forum soon, but any advice or helpful links would really be appreciated.

    See you out there!
  2. Welcome, Rob! :)

    Hard to beat FREE!
  3. No kidding!! I'm really psyched...
  4. welcome aboard!