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  1. Hi yall . Just got a mustang gt about two months ago. I used to have a supercharged z28 and this is the best thing power wise I could afford to get my hands on. I traitored in so to speak..haha but for real the s197 is a fun car but not at the power levels I'm used to. I'm hoping to s/c it with a kenne belle. Right now all I have is a strut bar looking to do suspension next while I continue to save up for the KB. I have the shaker 500 system with a Kenwood dnx 6960 and planning on upgrading the speakers eventually I have a 6x8 that is blown already.

    2006 mustang gt
  2. welcome to the forums, hope ur enjoying ur new purchase. But yeah, a supercharge camero vs 300 hp stang isn't going to be quite enjoyable at the beginning but as it's built up, it will slowly replace the fond memorys of that s/c camero. The s197 is just a sharp looking car all around
  3. Welcome to StangNet, and congrats!What color is your '06? Any pics?
  4. Haven't taken any good pics yet till I get a touch up job done it has a lot of rock chips in the roof and hood. Its the real dark blue color I can't remember the name of it for the life of me right now. But I am looking forward to unlocking this 289's potential!

    2006 Mustang GT
    1993 camaro paxton supercharged (sold)
    2005 Tahoe LT
  5. 46bff603-0288-6a74.jpg

    Here's the only pic for now guys

    2006 Mustang GT
  6. Vista Blue! I have the exact same car, 'cept it looks like your's has a black interior, I got light graphite (gray). Nice ride, though I'm partial. ;)
  7. vista blue thats it! my plans for the exterior is for a wide flat black stripe over the top and paint my wheels flat black as well and the GT emblem. so my interior will match perfectly
  8. sounds like a pretty good plan for me myself if I ever went w/stripes I'd prob go to the extreme on mine and clash it with some bright green, mainly because i have the lava red and I think it may set it off pretty good. Only thoughts right now, gotta get my wifes 04 conv up to par first....with that color though, it has alot of potential blue/black combos normally always look great
  9. Welcome man. I too went from chevy to ford in recent years. Had a pair of s10 lowriders, a 97 camaro, and still have an 09 cobalt as my 37 mpg "beater" lol. I'm on my second fox body and havent looked back.
  10. hey from horse sence, always been a ford man .what is this
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  11. I think its sapnish for "garbage" or maybe latin for " took bail out"
  12. thought it may possibly be martian