First Time Mustang Owner From Stl

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by sudahi51, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm new I just bought my first mustang(first Ford as a matter of fact unless you count a Mercury) about two weeks ago. It's a 1997 4.6 L GT in burgundy 5 speed manual. It has some aftermarket stuff like flowmaster exhaust eldebrock headers and a huge cold air intake. It actually has a salvage title from a rear end collision from the last owner. I like it so far except there's a problem with the PATS system which is actually the reason I came here looking for some help.
  2. Be sure to head over to the SN95 forum and the guys over there can probably help you with PATS.

    Welcome to StangNet!
  3. Welcome aboard!
  4. Thanks guy. Just posted a thread in the SN95 section under electrical
  5. Just got back from Stl today. Out there for the holidays visiting my family. I've been there a couple times this year and have noticed a nice showing of all types of stangs. I may drive mine out there this summer. Keep on representing and good luck with it
  6. around where I live I see a lot of V6 stangs with fart cans on them but downtown and on the central west end and the hill there's plenty of nice GTs. I see cobras and bosd 302s and a few mach 1s.