first time mustang owner

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  1. hey guys,

    i just picked up a 2010 GT Premium w/ Track Pack (at a hefty discount, thank you 2011 GT). thought i'd post some pics and introduce myself. i'm a long-time camaro fan, but i don't discriminate when it comes to cars. whatever is fun to drive and i can get my hands dirty on works for me. loving the mustang experience so far!



  2. Welcome to :SNSign: !! Nice pics of the interior, now we some exterior shots!! :nice:
  3. That's my situation exactly: 2011's made the 2010 too good a deal to pass up! Haha!

    Time to have some fun!

  4. If I may ask, how much did you pay for her?
  5. stickered at 34565, walked out the door paying 26100.
  6. That's a sweet deal! Can't say I envy you though, even though I walked out paying 38,495 (29,495 after down payment) I still love my 2011. Though that's one hell of a deal there.
  7. lets see out exterior

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  8. huh?
  9. Welcome to stangnet.