first tweecer upload ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by spanktu, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. I just purchased a 93 fox w/a tweecer interface
    no software was given to me so I went on the website and loaded everything up.

    now,I did a factory read and a read on some of the positions of the dial.

    The factory read and the dial reads "all .ccf files ?" look very weird compared to the file that
    comes with software "a9l" which is labled a .bin file.?

    the one that comes with the software "a9l" has more appropriate looking #s

    How do I tell if I am on the right binary?,and also how do I tell which model
    tweecer I have?

    any info is appreciated:)
  2. Welcome to Stangnet and welcome to the tweecer! :nice:

    CalEdit is the program that tweecer uses to edit the tunes.
    CalEdit will only create the proprietary .ccf file format. This is an effort to keep people from creating a modified .bin file, then simply loading it to a J3 chip, and selling the tweecer. No other chip out there will accept the .ccf format...

    When you open the a9l.bin file, make sure you have the 'A9L' strategy selected in the lower right hand portion of the CalEdit window. That should clear up the odd looking values...

    I would junk all of the tunes that came with the tweecer. It will be tough to know what they are... maybe just stick them in a folder somewhere, and you can look them over later, but I wouldn't plan on using them.

    I would start by doing a read of your ecu, then saving it as a .ccf file to your hard drive. Then come back and load the .ccf file to the tweecer. This should verify that everything is properly configured.

    As far as telling if it is a base model or an RT???
    I would just try creating a payload and starting a datalog.
    If it doesn't work, then contact Mike Glover of STKR, as I think he can do an upgrade for you...
    Should only take about a week to ship it to him and get it back.

    Take the time to play with CalEdit, you can learn a bit from doing that alone,
  3. thanks for the response!

    the .bin file that came with the program looks like all the paramters are correct,
    it is the stock eec read that looks corrupted with the a9l strategey.
    I am just wondering if the eec is messed up,but if I can just copy most of the .bin file and modify from there I guess it will be okay.
  4. GOT it!!!

    it used to be a auto A9P

    thanks for the help!!!!